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Emily of New Moon – The Complete First Season

Based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel, "Emily of New Moon" is the brilliant story of a free spirited orphaned girl, whose vivid imagination, passion to write, and romantic nature clash with her strict adoptive family. Season one follows Emily as she adjusts to a new school, makes new friends and attempts to discover her parents and family's past. Through it all, Emily handles her difficult issues with poise beyond her years and with an uncanny ability to wonderfully complicate the lives of everyone around her.
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This is a collection of the entire first season. The series begins with Emily and her father after her mother passes away. It shows the relationship that the two of them had before his death.

Emily moves to New Moon, making her life so much different than the one with her father before his death. Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura, and cousin Jimmy are the relatives that take her in. There are strict rules and chores to do. Emily tries to adapt to her new surroundings, family, and make new friends. With her active imagination and her goal to become a great writer, Emily makes things interesting in her new home.

There are many things in this movie that can be disturbing but each contain a lesson that can be a topic for discussion. Topics such as respect, making new friends, how to treat the people around you and especially forgiveness. It is intriguing to watch the changes in Emily and her new family as they all make discoveries about their lives.

“Emily of New Moon” provides an interesting story of change and and believing in your goals. Although some topics covered in the first season (see content below) may be inappropriate for younger children it is a wonderful saga that will entice everyone that watches. This series also holds many topics for discussion for the family. Dove awards “Emily of New Moon” with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

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Teacher beats child; man hits teacher; cat thrown out of buggy; boy falls into well; bullying of children; man is hung for crime.


Discussion of unmarried girl getting pregnant.


Some mild curses are used in some episodes such as D, H, and A. A few OMG's. There is one "Da*n you" but it is said to a roof.


Teacher beats child; man hits teacher; cat thrown out of buggy; boy falls into well; bullying of children; man is hung for crime.


Smoking; prescribed Laudanum and discussion of addiction to it.


Young boy undresses and only bare chest is shown.


Death of parents; unwed girl has baby and gives it to nun; ghosts from the past; Indian ritual of death.

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