Open Season 2

Theatrical Release: January 27, 2008
DVD Release: January 27, 2008
Open Season 2


Boog and Elliot are back for more crazy adventures. After falling head over hooves in love with Giselle, Elliot’s road to the altar takes a slight detour when Mr. Weenie is kidnapped by a group of pampered pets determined to return him to his owners. Boog, Elliot, McSquizzy, Buddy and the rest of the woodland creatures launch a full-scale rescue mission for their sausage-shaped friend and soon find themselves in enemy camp: the world of the pets. Led by a toy poodle named Fifi, the pets do not plan to let Mr. Weenie go without a fight. Can a toy poodle REALLY bring down an 900-pound grizzly bear? Will Elliot ever marry Giselle? Find out in “Open Season 2.”

Dove Review

The delightful characters for “Open Season” are back in this adventure. The gang of wild life are out to rescue their friend “Mr. Weenie” whom they believe is being taken against his will.

The voice cast may be different but some things are the same as the original, for example the crude humor that parents should be aware of. Also, there are some scenes that may be disturbing to children in regards to zap collars for animals and people shooting darts at animals.

Dove awards “Open Season 2” with the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Comments with sexual undertones with an example like having a "Big Rack".
Language: "Shut Up"-2
Violence: A rabbit fight; throwing rabbits at one another, zap collars.
Drugs: Tranquilizer darts.
Nudity: None
Other: None


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 77 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe