Escape from Alcatraz

Theatrical Release: June 22, 1979
DVD Release: March 9, 1999
Escape from Alcatraz


After being sent to the nation’s toughest prison for life, career criminal Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood) quickly starts planning his unauthorized departure. Enlisting two bank-robber brothers (Fred Ward and Jack Thibeau) as accomplices, Morris meticulously works out every detail before commencing his daring escape attempt. Director Don Siegel’s taut thriller is based on the only successful jailbreak from the infamous island penitentiary.

Dove Review

When Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood) lands in Alcatraz, it doesn’t take him long to realize it’s not the kind of place he wants to stay at for long. Alcatraz has a record of no one having ever successfully escaped. Morris decides he can be the exception and he enlists the help of a few other prisoners to make it happen.

The prison life is featured rather graphically in a few scenes, including a fight in the shower when a man named Wolf makes a pass at Morris, and there is a bloody scene in which an older prisoner, having been stripped of his precious paints, chops off his own fingers with a hatchet.

The themes of corruption and not losing hope are realistic themes, but the movie crosses the acceptable level in the language, violence and nudity content areas, and we therefore cannot award our Dove Seal to the film as a family-friendly picture.

Content Description

Sex: A prisoner wants Frank to be his "punk"; a couple of comments regarding the idea of homosexuality.
Language: GD-3; J/JC-2; A-3; S-6; D-2; H-1; Frickin'-1; N (racial)-4; Cracker-1; Stupid-1
Violence: A character beats up another character in the shower; a man pulls a knife on another character; a man cuts off his own fingers and the scene is bloody and graphic; a fist fight in the prison yard; a guard fires a shot near the fighters.
Drugs: A man says he sniffs glue.
Nudity: Rear and frontal nudity of males in prison.
Other: The warden is not always fair to the prisoners; some racial comments.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Writer: J. Campbell Bruce (book); Richard Tuggle (screenplay
Director: Dona Seigel
Genre: Action
Runtime: 111 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter