Theatrical Release: November 27, 1953
DVD Release: May 22, 2007


John Farrow directs John “The Duke” Wayne as Hondo, an anti-social half-breed who splits his time between the white man and the Apache. Preferring the company of Indians, Hondo develops an unlikely friendship with a New Mexico farm wife (Geraldine Page), who, thanks to a gallivanting husband, spends most of her time alone. Page’s performance — her first film role — was good enough to earn her an Oscar nomination.

Dove Review

“Hondo” includes some fine performances by John “Duke” Wayne and Geraldine Page as the woman whose husband has left her, and who could be happy with Hondo if her husband is truly gone. Hondo suspects the Apaches might have gotten to him. Although a bit violent for its time, “Hondo” does not become gratuitous nor graphic (except for a speared dog scene) but it does include several scenes of fighting or shooting. A young boy also takes a liking to Hondo, who is concerned about the woman and boy living near the Apaches but far from town.

The movie incorporates good themes like being responsible and treating others well. It has enough action to keep even modern day audiences interested, and we are happy to award it our Dove Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Man kisses married woman but her husband has been missing for some time but she still stops him; another couple kissing scene.
Language: None
Violence: Talk of Indians beating puppies; woman pulls gun on man; man sleeps with gun for protection; a boy shoots an Apache; boy bites man; Indian cuts boy's thumb to make him a "blood brother"; fist fight in bar; arrow hits man in back; another fist fight; Indian and man have knife fight; man hit with chair; man shot in self defense; the shooting of Indians; man hit with rifle butt but not shown; brief scene of door speared and some blood; man kicked in face; coals put on man's wrist but not graphic.
Drugs: Drinking in saloon.
Nudity: None
Other: Apaches and white men have disagreements.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Director: John Farrow
Genre: Western
Runtime: 83 min.
Reviewer: Edwin Carpenter