Last Train from Gun Hill

Theatrical Release: November 3, 1959
DVD Release: November 9, 2004
Last Train from Gun Hill


After his wife is killed, U.S. Marshal Matt Morgan (Kirk Douglas) is so filled with rage and resentment that he’s ready to put his life on the line to exact revenge. But in doing so he’ll also be throwing away a lifelong friendship, as the murderer is the son of his old friend, rancher Craig Belden (Anthony Quinn). Understandably, Belden’s determined to protect his child, even if it means he’ll have to shoot the one man he’s relied on for years.

Dove Review

Although this film deals with a marshal (Kirk Douglas) who is determined to bring in the man who raped and murdered his Indian wife, it is really a well made picture with strong performances from Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn. Quinn plays Craig Belden, the father of the man who murdered the marshal’s wife. Although he doesn’t agree with what his son did, Belden’s son Rick is the only family he has left and he is determined to stand up to his former best friend, Marshal Matt Morgan, even if he has to shoot him.

Kirk Douglas plays the marshal as a strong and silent type and it is his determination to stick to the law and do what is right which makes for a compelling story. Belden has the town in his pocket but though he’s outnumbered, the marshal refuses to give up his prisoner, as he is determined to take him with him on the nine o’clock train out of Gun Hill. The ending should leave the viewer feeling satisfied. The theme of doing what is right no matter what is strongly featured in this movie. It isn’t a film for very young viewers, but many viewers twelve and older will enjoy the story which nicely combines drama and action. We gladly award the film our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: A man corners a woman after running her off the road and tears her dress and it is evident he is going to rape her although it is not shown; kissing in a couple of scenes.
Language: D-3; H-1; Butt-1
Violence: A woman uses a whip against a man who is chasing her and lashes the man across the cheek; woman's carriage overturns; a man tears woman's clothing; we hear her screams as man approaches her; a man slaps woman; fist fight; shooting and a few men are killed without blood being seen; there is some blood seen on one character's arm after the marshal shoots him but it is not gratuitous; marshal strikes man; a woman throws drink on cowboy; a man sets the hotel on fire; a shoot-out at the end with two deaths.
Drugs: Smoking in several scenes by woman and men; drinking in several scenes.
Nudity: A woman's bare back is seen.
Other: A man defends his own son who has raped and killed an Indian woman; two former best friends turn against each other; the theme of death and loss.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Writer: Les Crutchfield (story) and James Poe (screenplay)
Director: John Sturges
Producer: Hal B. Wallis
Genre: Western
Runtime: 94 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter