Angel Wars: The Guardian Force

DVD Release: March 1, 2009
Angel Wars: The Guardian Force


In the beginning, there were angels, the Maker’s holy creations, and they ruled the kingdom above. Eventually, humans emerged on Earth, and the angels were tasked to protect and guide them. But after a schism formed in the ranks of Heaven, the great Angel Wars broke out, angel versus angel for the fate of humanity. Now tasked with protecting humans and fighting the forces of darkness, Michael and his mech-clad clan of warriors called the Guardian Force do what is needed to stay the cause.

MISSION 1: “ABOUT FACE” – Angel Wars Guardian Force is an epic, animated, supernatural adventure of angels battling fallen spirits. Eli and Kira, two junior members of the Guardian Force must grow up in a hurry when their first mission to earth takes a detour, pitting them against Morg, a deadly but long forgotten foe. In a race against time, the Guardians must uncover the source of Meg’s power, defeat his crafty minions, and stop the ruin of a mortal life, all while learning to work together. Get ready for heart-stopping action and awesome adventure as the premiere episode of Angel Wars Guardian Force takes flight.

MISSION 2: “OVER THE MOON” – The sequel in the acclaimed animated series, Angel Wars: Guardian Force 2, draws us deeper into the continuing saga of our heroic angels. With each of the Guardians engaged in their assignments, Morg moves quickly to his hideaway base where he prepares to unleash a devastating blow against humankind. Drawn together by providence, the Guardian Force must uncover the secrets of their old foe and stop him before the earth is changed forever. Twice the action and twice the adventure, Angel Wars: Guardian Force 2 is the ultimate journey in spiritual warfare.

MISSION 3: “GRACE AND GLORY” – With his angel hostage in tow, the archangel Michael on his tail, and a symbiotic stone taking control of his body, the demon Morg flees to the underworld where he quickly establishes a new base of operations. Feeding off the demon’s pride, the symbiont stone slowly transforms Morg into an all-consuming beast with the power to threaten both Heaven and Earth. Facing impossible odds, it’s up to Michael and the Guardian Force to prove the old Proverb true: that pride comes before the fall. Featuring the inventive action and effects that have made Angel Wars the top-selling inspirational action-adventure cartoon, Episode 3 explores the dangers of a prideful life.

Dove Review

As the adventure continues the Guardian Force of Angels each have a mission to defeat the evil force of Morg. As humans of Earth are unaware of of the dangers of evil that surround them, the group of Angels must rally together to help each other along with those they protect.

Although these may not be the Biblical Guardian Angels, this is a wholesome animated adventure with some moral values and some lessons about behavior that everyone can learn from. Imagination is a wonderful thing displayed in this DVD and it provides wholesome entertainment. Dove awards the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Animated battle scenes.
Drugs: None
Nudity: None
Other: Fallen spirits, Angels; evil forces.


Company: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Genre: Animated
Runtime: 130 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe