Tom And Jerry Movie

Theatrical Release: March 15, 1994
DVD Release: March 15, 1994
Tom And Jerry Movie


The famous Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, are brought back to the screen in this delightful animated comedy-musical-drama. Tom, the buffoon cat and his miniature antagonist, Jerry the mouse, find themselves abandoned when their owners move away and leave them behind. They soon are befriended by Puggsie, a kindly old “street” dog, and his tiny partner, Frankie the flea. Later, Tom and Jerry meet Robyn Starling, an orphan girl who has run away from her mean, greedy Aunt Figg. She, Tom and Jerry embark on a grand adventure to find her father, who is still alive. This takes them on a river raft escapade and an encounter with Capt. Kiddie, operator of an amusement park. All the while, Aunt Figg is hot on their trail to bring them back. Some delightful song and dance numbers along the way add to the fun. All the characters have voices supplied by Rip Taylor and Charlotte Rampling. The film will appeal primarily to younger children, but mom and dad will enjoy it too.

Dove Review

In the beginning, Tom and Jerry resort to their usual chases, battles, and infliction of minor injuries on each other. It is encouraging, though, that this violence is more subdued than in their previous cartoons. Eventually, they do become friends following the advice of Puggsie and Frankie. Before they are reconciled, though, Tom gets his tail smashed, whiskers pulled, his teeth smashed by a golf ball and endures other painful indignities. He and Jerry are attacked by a very ferocious dog and pushed around by some disreputable alley cats. Still, they stick loyally by Robyn and risk their lives to help her find her dad. Aunt Figg treats Robyn, as well as Tom and Jerry, harshly and for some reason is pictured frequently in low cut blouses. The action often becomes intense and some of the ferocious animals could scare young children. But most children will enjoy all the action, pathos and musical numbers.

Content Description

Crude Language: NoneObscene Language: NoneProfanity: NoneViolence: Many Times-Moderate (striking on head and other areas, threatening chases, whiskers pulled, mouse put under flower pot, fall in manhole, rope dog with link sausage, dogs run over man, ship destroys raft, fish bites tail, dog pulled behind auto, fire threatens cabin, mousetrap on tail)Sexual Intercourse: NoneNudity: Near nudity, low cut dressesHomosexual Conduct: NoneSexually Suggestive Action/Dialog:NoneDrug Abuse: NoneOther: None


Company: Warner Home entertainment
Genre: Children
Industry Rating: G