Next Day Air

Theatrical Release: May 8, 2009
Next Day Air


Life isn’t going smoothly for Leo Jackson. He still lives at home, he just broke up with his girlfriend and he’s had so many complaints about his sloppy work habits that his own mother is threatening to fire him. But Leo isn’t one to let a few bad breaks ruins his day—as long as he’s got plenty of weed to take his mind off his troubles. But when the wacked-out courier accidentally delivers a box containing 10 kilos of high quality cocaine to the wrong apartment, it sets in motion a hilarious and harrowing chain of events that could cost him his life.

Dove Review

When I first read about this film, it sounded as if a few of the content areas might not be so bad. That is not the case with this film. Only one category out of the six content listings below was under a four in the rating, and that was the “other” category. Even though it is a comedy, I found very little humor in this film, given it has a ton of explicitly sexual language in it and drug scenes. The ineptitude of some of the drug dealers could have been funny if it wasn’t for the serious subject matter.

At any rate, this film is definitely not a family film, and we are unable to award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Explicit sexual talk and slang; couple of scenes with a man with his hand in his pants; kissing including woman being kissed on neck; talk about hookers; two girls kiss.
Language: So much profanity I gave up keeping count; close to 200 F words; Biblical profanities; Sexual slang and many other profanities.
Violence: A bloodied man is seen in car trunk; gun shots; bound man roughed up with resulting bloody face; man's tongue cut off and held up; woman slaps man; gun held on store clerk; other characters are beat up; several characters are shot; knife fight and man is stabbed.
Drugs: Smoking of marijuana; delivery of drugs; cocaine; drug dealer sells drugs on street; a "high" comment; smoking and lit cigar seen.
Nudity: Bare breasts are seen and side view; partial rear female nudity; cleavage; skimpy clothing worn by several women.
Other: Flatulence; minorities are portrayed as stereotypes which will upset some people; disrespect shown toward various characters throughout.


Company: Summit Entertainment
Writer: Blair Cobbs
Director: Benny Boom
Producer: Scott Aronson
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 90 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter