Were No Angels (1989)

Were No Angels  (1989)


Bogus priests Robert De Niro and Sean Penn are really escaped convicts who haven’t got a prayer of sidestepping a police blockade and making it across the U.S.-Canadian border — unless they manage to successfully pass themselves off as clergymen. Demi Moore joins forces with these wayward men of the cloth in a hilarious comedy scripted by David Mamet and directed by Neil Jordan.

Dove Review

This film features two big names in Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn. This comedy focuses on their release from Black Ridge State Penitentiary in 1935 and the situations they get into afterward. They wind up impersonating priests, Father Brown and Father Riley, and although the impersonation of priests isn’t a good thing, they certainly have some comedic moments as a result.

Unfortunately, the film is peppered with strong language and some bloody violence, and we therefore are unable to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to the movie.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: GD-8; G/OMG-9; Ch*ist-1; BS-1; A-1; Sc*ew-2; H-6; D-5; "Da_n You"-4; P-1; B-1
Violence: A prisoner is struck; the whipping of a man's back; several people are shot; blood is spilled; the kicking of a priest; blood seen on wall; man is hit; steam shot into man's face; a child falls into river.
Drugs: Smoking cigarettes.
Nudity: Side of woman's breast seen including nipple; cleavage; a painting of nearly nude woman.
Other: Priests are impersonated; deceit.


Company: Paramount Home Entertainment
Writer: David Mamet (written by), Albert Husson (play)
Director: Neil Jordan
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 106 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Starring: Robert De Niro Sean Penn Demi Moore Hoyt Axton Bruno Kirby Ray McAnally James Russo Wallace Shawn John C. Reilly Jay Brazeau Ken Buhay Elizabeth Lawrence Bill Murdoch
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter