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The Proposal

When high-powered book editor Margaret (Sandra Bullock) faces deportation to her native Canada, the quick-thinking exec declares that she's actually engaged to her unsuspecting put-upon assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), who she's tormented for years. He agrees to participate in the charade, but with a few conditions of his own. The unlikely couple heads to Alaska to meet his quirky family (Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, Betty White) and the always-in-control city girl finds herself in one comedic fish-out-of-water situation after another. With an impromptu wedding in the works and an immigration official on their tails, Margaret and Andrew reluctantly vow to stick to the plan despite the precarious consequences.
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Sandra Bullock plays a book editor named Margaret who is facing deportation to her native Canada if she doesn’t come up with a quick solution. She does. Her solution is to marry her executive assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds). She is the boss most people can’t stand including Andrew. When she is about to enter the work place the workers e-mail each other messages like, “The witch is on her broom!” Some comedic moments come from this situation and even more so later when she has to travel to Alaska for the weekend to meet Andrew’s family and get married. Margaret and Andrew have to convince an immigration official that their charade is on the level.

The comedy abounds in this film as Margaret and Andrew attempt to make this lie work and they share some funny dialog and moments. They even begin to discover that they like each other after all. Unfortunately for family viewers, the film has some sexual comments in addition to strong language, and a scene which comes close to showing full nudity and we are therefore unable to award the movie our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

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A woman falls out of a speeding boat but is saved; a few arguments between various characters including a grown son and his father.


Talk of man cheating on wife; man places hand on woman's rear; women see a male stripper who wears very little and a single woman is told to slap his a**; talk about singles sleeping together; a single man and woman get in bed together but nothing happens; a few sexual innuendos; a close-up of a woman shaking her rear.


J-1; Ch*ist-1; G/OMG-20; S-2; A-4; P-1; H-7; B-4; Sc*ewed-1; Cr*p-1; Slang for testicles-2; D-1


A woman falls out of a speeding boat but is saved; a few arguments between various characters including a grown son and his father.


Drinking of beer; scenes in bar; getting bombed comment.


Cleavage; shirtless man; man and woman seen nude from side and part of man's rear is seen; woman nude but covers up top and front genitalia; male stripper wearing g-string.


A character says she likes the psychic network; a couple fakes that they're engaged so the woman does not get deported; a woman does a ceremony to the gods of mother earth; a woman fakes a heart attack and says the spirits can take her; a male stripper is also the minister at a wedding!

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