Montana Upstream – Manuscript

Montana Upstream – Manuscript


In pre-production:12 Year-old Katy lives in LA with her father Frank, an environmental architect, and her estranged mother Anne, a celebrate workaholic author. While Frank and Anne’s marriage is unraveling Katy is discovering the connection and friendship of a first love in Seth, a boy from school. Frank decides to house-sit in Montana over the summer. Katy is thrilled, especially because part of the deal is taking care of a dog named Buster. Anne is furious at being ambushed, but comes to agree that spending time with Frank and Katy will help bring their family back together.

Dove Review

This story is literate and well written. The author obviously has talent. The situations in the plot are relevant and realistic as a man and his wife struggle in their marriage, and their teen daughter is caught in the middle of it. Frank wants to move from LA to Montana along with his wife Anne and eleven year-old daughter Katy. Katy falls in love with Montana and likes the idea. But Anne, who was previously estranged from Frank, wants to remain in LA. Into the mix a sudden death occurs which affects Katy dramatically as well as Anne, as it conjures up old memories of a loss she suffered as a child.

The story is pretty wholesome and the characters are realistic. It should be noted that there is a discussion about religious beliefs. One character, a Native American man, says everyone believes differently and one must look inside one’s self to find the answer. It does not mention preparing one’s self biblically for the afterlife. On another note, it does include a brief sermon by a pastor at a funeral who mentions that God’s love is revealed in Jesus Christ. Possible viewers of this story, if it is made into a film, might be concerned about some of the comments such as the dead live on in the butterfly, the wind, sky, and so forth. All of this content is listed below under our “other” category.

However, there is a nice resolution within the family conflict and love and forgiveness is displayed in this story. The topic of death might stir up some interesting conversations about the afterlife and being prepared for it. We are pleased to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this story. It inspires families to fight to stay intact, and that is something which is easy for us to stand behind.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: H-1
Violence: A boy drowns (told, not seen in story); woman injured in water with a little blood.
Drugs: A character mentions she has a "hemp" backpack.
Nudity: It is mentioned a young girl wears a mini skirt.
Other: Discussions about the Native American "Great Spirit"; Indian man says life is more important than death and at death people are re-united with the Great Spirit; no mention is made of preparing one's soul for the afterlife; Indian man says the dead are in everything-the butterfly, the leaves, the sky and so forth and that they are alive; Indian man says if people don't mourn for death the dead one can't move on to the spirit world; a statement about if one finds a feather he is on the right path; a belief in finding a power animal which gives everyone strength; one character believes her power animal is a lion; the topic of death is featured in this plot along with grief; a pastor preaches that God's love is revealed in Jesus Christ; it is stated by Indian man that the dead can hear us; Waka Tanka is mentioned as great Indian Spirit; character says there are a lot of religions but girl should look into her own heart to find the path; a statement that Waka Tanka will guide us; an Indian prayer mentions Mother Earth; Waka Tanka, and the Great Spirit; a husband and wife have arguments;


Company: Revolve Entertainment
Writer: Elke Weiss
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter