Prairie Giant: The Pastor Tommy Douglas Story: Edited

DVD Release: September 29, 2009
Prairie Giant: The Pastor Tommy Douglas Story: Edited


For more than 50 years, his unwavering commitment to social justice, his brilliant political acumen and pugnacious charm earned Tommy Douglas both the love and respect of millions of Canadians. Many of the things we now take for granted-government insurance, the 8-hour work day, government funding for the arts and, most importantly, universal health care – were first introduced in Canada by Tommy Douglas. This follows his path from 1930 to 1961.

Dove Review

This is a very interesting story about the early political landscape of Canada. Tommy Douglas started as a Baptist minister who had a great passion for helping others that were down and out. He was forced to give up his pulpit when he ran for a political position and the rest as they say is history.

The story shows his courage and determination to help the people he represented by instituting many social programs that are now popular in Canada. The film covers his fifty year run in the political arena and clearly shows his ambition to make changes. This is a very enlightening history lesson regarding the Northern Country of Canada and is a very compelling saga. This is an edited version and we award it the Dove “Family-Edited” Seal for ages of 12+.

Content Description

Sex: A couple kiss.
Language: All original offensive language has been muted out.
Violence: Marchers attacked by Mounties and bodies left in street; bloody chest wound and man dies.
Drugs: Alcohol use; smoking.
Nudity: Woman shown buttoning up blouse.
Other: Governmental corruption; lies being told; Canadian politics.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Director: John N. Smith
Producer: Kevin DeWalt
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 172 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Michael Therriault; Kristein Booth; Nicholas Campbell; Brent Carver; Aidan Devine; Paul Gross; Hannon Jardine; Andy Jones; Brian Markinson; Don McKellar; Robert Moloney; Jane Redlyon; RH Thomson; Ian Tracey; Matthew Walker
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe