Lord Save Us From Your Followers: Why Is the Gospel Of Love Dividing America

Theatrical Release: September 25, 2009
DVD Release: April 20, 2010
Lord Save Us From Your Followers: Why Is the Gospel Of Love Dividing America


Lord, Save Us From Your Followers: Why is the Gospel of Love Dividing America?

If you were to meet ten average Americans on the street, nine of them would say they believe in God. So why is the Gospel of Love dividing America?

Dan Merchant put on his bumper-sticker-clad jumpsuit and decided to find the reason. After talking with scores of men and women on streets all across the nation, and also interviewing many well-known activists in today’s “Culture Wars,” Dan realized that the public discussion of faith doesn’t have to be contentious.

From its opening Talking Heads sequence through its touching look at faith in action, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers is a fast-paced, highly engaging documentary that explores the collision of faith and culture in America while opening up this important conversation to all of us.

As discussion of religion floods the media, the rhetoric is divisive, hyper, and most often, angry. With humor more common in a comedy-sketch program than a documentary, Merchant brings the sensibilities of someone who is deeply concerned with how his faith is being represented by others. Lord, Save Us provides a provocative, funny, and redemptive discussion that is sure to continue long after the credits run.

Dove Review

This is a powerful and compelling documentary. Dan Merchant fearlessly tackles a controversial subject: have Christians been guilty of judgment and hate? What would happen if Christians spoke to gays in love and kindness, rather than speaking out against them with what the gays perceive is hatred?

Dan Merchant takes to the streets and wears buttons of all kinds, some Christian ones, and one which says “Vote Pro Choice” to simply get people to talk. He asks people what they think of when they think of a Christian and he receives all kinds of answers including the following words: forgiveness, fanaticism, compassion, snobby, hypocrites, theatrics, etc. Included in the many clips are Christian author Tony Campolo, Pat Robertson, Matthew Crouch and also people like Bill Maher and George Carlin. At one point Merchant sets up a confession booth at a Gay Pride meeting and confesses to gays that Christians have shown far too much hatred and judgment toward gays and that he apologizes for those who have hurt them. Most of the gay community accepts the apology.

This is one documentary that, whether or not you agree with its approach, will make you think and analyze whether Christians are successfully reaching the secular world or not. The viewer will learn of people who came from broken homes, only to find no solace in church. Yet the viewer will also see how that the choices of the people in the documentary influences where they wind up at. One young gay High School student named Roger is mentioned. He was urinated on by five boys in High School and he committed suicide that night.

Listen to comments by people like Bono, who says, “I was cynical not about God but God’s politics”. This film is intended for a mature audience and we award it our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus. There is the use of the expression “F’ing” by one person, without the word being spoken. This is the strongest expression spoken and we believe that this DVD is so important that this one crude comment should not prevent us from encouraging viewers to see this documentary. It will make you think. It will encourage you to ask questions and possibly to rethink your own approach to people you may disagree with. Dan Merchant says he is still a Christian today and has been since he was a teen. But now he is examining his motives and approach to others more carefully. We gladly encourage viewers to make use of this important DVD. It could be life changing.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Disagreements between Christians and gays; a man becomes angry with a woman who touches his megaphone and he calls her a "pig".
Sex: Talk of gays and lesbians and a scene in which lesbians hug; sign which says "God Hates Fags"; a man refers to his husband; a man is dressed in drag; talk about pornography; the topic of loving gays as they are and leaving the judgment to God.
Language: H-4; H (on a shirt)-1; H (on a sign)-1; H (as a location)-3; F'ing (not spoken)-1; Pig-1; G-1; Crap-1
Violence: Disagreements between Christians and gays; a man becomes angry with a woman who touches his megaphone and he calls her a "pig".
Drugs: A comment about a man smoking marijuana; a man dressed in drag smokes.
Nudity: A nude Adam is seen in an artist's drawing; one girl wears skimpy clothing.
Other: A lot of talk about Christians and how they relate or don't relate to gays; a man says, "I am God"; topics such as the gay lifestyle and abortion; a sign says abortion is big people killing little people; a sign says, "Jesus Christ loves you"; some anti-Christian rallies are shown; a man speaks about Jesus' claim that he was equal to the Father and man says, "Maybe Jesus was out there" like he might have been crazy; a button says, "Vote Pro Choice"; talk of a gay high schooler named Roger who was urinated on by five boys and who committed suicide that night; a "God made me queer" button is worn.


Company: Lightning Strikes Ent.
Writer: Dan Merchant
Director: Dan Merchant
Producer: Dan Merchant
Genre: Limited
Runtime: 105 min.
Starring: Narrated by Dan Merchant
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter