Trading Mom

Theatrical Release: March 15, 1994
DVD Release: March 15, 1994


A magic spell allows three unhappy children to forget their mother and shop for a new one.

Dove Review

The Martin children, Elizabeth, Harry and Jeremy, get into trouble at school on the last day before summer vacation. Their mom shows them the consequences— being grounded—and like most kids, they are not happy with it. The wish they had a different mom.

They believe that their neighbor, Mrs. Cavour, has magic powers. The Martin kids tell her about their mom and how they want a new one. She then tells them about an ancient spell that would make it possible for them to find a new one at the “mommy store.” (Spoiler: Later in the movie the truth is told it was a dream.)

This is a cute story about how sometimes a mom is not so bad after all, even if she does things her children don’t like, such as grounding them, working too much, or not cooking pancakes for them. Like the saying goes, grass is not always greener on the other side. “Trading Mom” is a funny and entertaining story for everyone.

The Dove Family-Approved Seal for all ages is awarded to this movie.

Content Description

Sex: None.
Language: None.
Violence: Young boy is bullied at school and pushed to the ground; young boy's brother steps in and is accused of being the bully; woman attacks man; a circus performer throws knives in his circus act and crushes a bike; young boy drives a bus and crashes, but no one is hurt; man grabs boy, and a little boy hits man in private area.
Drugs: Girl is passing out cigarettes at school; another girl is caught with an unlit cigarette in hand and taken to principal's office; woman smokes.
Nudity: Young boy shirtless.
Other: Playing by the rules; an "ancient spell" is nothing but a dream.


Company: Lionsgate
Director: Tia Brelis
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 82 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe