To Save A Life

Theatrical Release: January 22, 2010
DVD Release: August 3, 2010
To Save A Life


Teens today are bombarded with challenges and choices their parents never had to consider. Pressures and temptations blindside them daily – there’s an urgent need to bring teens help and hope.

Jake and Roger grew up as best friends. But in high school, Jake becomes a star athlete who has it all: a college scholarship and the perfect girl, an ideal life that comes at the exclusion of his childhood friend. Meanwhile, Roger no longer fits in Jake’s circle of friends and becomes tired of always being pushed aside. He makes a tragic move that spins Jake’s world out of control. As Jake searches for answers, he begins a journey that will change his life forever.

Dove Review

What would you do “To Save A Life”? This film offers a reality check to Christians and non-Christians alike who may be walking through life ignoring the dramatic issues that face our teens today.

Teen drinking and drug use are at all time highs in our society as are other social problems such as self mutilation, teen suicide and underage pregnancy. The filmmakers here offer a pragmatic look at the state of our youth and their problems.

At times the situations in this movie are addressed in such a convincing way that the viewer may become uncomfortable as they see a friend or family member’s real life situations unfold before their eyes. The question is what would Jesus do and what will you do when faced with such stark circumstances?

While this film is a genuine view of teen life, the nature and depth of the content of the stories portrayed becomes slightly graphic at times. And yet, the movie has a strong message of spirituality. For this reason Dove has awarded its “Faith Based” seal with cautions about Sex and Drug use. See content descriptions below.

Content Description

Sex: Teenage kissing seven times; ogling of girls twice; boy takes shirt off and falls on bed with girl - implied sex between teens - with consequences; sexually suggestive dialog and song lyrics a few times; reference to "banging" a girl; implied that married man has an affair - with consequences.
Language: Screw-6; H-6; Crap-3; Sucks-4; A-hole-1; D-2; Slut-3; A-1
Violence: Young boy hit by a car - not graphic; boy shoots gun in school; boy commits suicide with gun in school - not graphic; healed scars and on-screen cutting on boy who self mutilates; boys fight in school.
Drugs: Teenage boy and girl drink champagne; multiple party scenes with dozens of minors consuming alcohol in various ways; multiple drinking games portrayed; boy lights marijuana joint on school grounds and passes it to others; boy distributes a bag of pot to girl in youth church; boy has prescription pills; reference to girl being a "pot-head".
Nudity: Cleavage and immodest dress on teen girls several times; shirtless teen male; teen male in boxers putting clothes on after implied sex; teens in typical beach-wear.
Other: Mature subject matter such as divorce, teen drug use, teen pregnancy, self mutilation, teen suicide, adoption - none of these situations is glorified or condoned.


Company: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Writer: Jim Britts
Director: Brian Baugh
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 155 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe/Edwin Carpenter