Meteor Apocalypse (Manuscript)



A meteor storm affects the world and looks as if it could be the beginning of the apocalypse. When the water is contaminated, David Dematti searches for his family who have been captured by the renegade organization TalonCorp. He is determined to use what little good water is left to safeguard his family. When he meets a woman named Lin who is also facing calamity, they team up to see each other through the tragedy which has befallen the human race. As David gets closer to solving the puzzle of what has happened to his family, the greatest dangers loom.

Dove Review

This is a literate story about a meteor shower which turns the world upside down. After David Dematti is separated from his family, he begins a quest to find them and battles the guilt he feels for not appreciating them more when he had them. Along the way he is chased and fired at by a renegade organization and also must avoid the continuing onslaught of meteors. To top it off, the earth’s water supply has been contaminated and David has precious little good water left. Along the way he finds a woman named Lin whom becomes a source of encouragement to him. This story leads to sacrifice and includes some powerful storytelling.

The story also includes a fair amount of violence which is listed below. Nothing gets to the point of being gratuitous. Fights take place within the story, some blood is shed, people are shot at, meteors strike suddenly and cause some major damage, and a woman becomes attracted to a married man although nothing happens. It is mainly a story of survival and of appreciating one’s family while one has a family to appreciate. David faces a painful separation from his family and realizes he didn’t fully appreciate what he formerly had.

This script could possibly be turned into a sci-fi apocalyptic film and might be very engaging if handled and directed the right way. At any rate, it meets Dove’s requirements as a family-friendly story and we gladly award our Dove Seal to this manuscript.

Content Description

Sex: A woman attempts to kiss a married man but he stops her; wife passionately kisses husband whom she hasn't seen in awhile.
Language: H-1; "Oh Dear G"-1; G-1; "Lord have mercy"-1; A prayer for help which says, "Lord Jesus, help us"; "Oh, thank God"-1
Violence: Missiles are fired; the eruption of a comet; a meteor crashes into the water; husband and wife have disagreement; man scrapes face when he falls and he slightly bleeds; building burns; explosions int the distance are heard; man hits steering wheel in frustration; men wear military gear; people are pushed into waiting vehicles; gun kicked away and punches are thrown; driver's corpse is seen; meteor crashes behind people; man kicks fence in frustration; man angrily slams on brakes on car; two men carry assault rifles; man kicks window in; bullets almost hit characters as they run; Glock 40's are held on people; man fires gun; more gunfire; trickle of blood seen on man's temple; two dead bodies are seen; jeep falls into crater and turns into a fireball; meteor crashes into a store and into a church; man suffers a bruise; man kicks a bin in frustration; looters run out of a convenience store; a good man breaks through door to continue a journey;
Drugs: A few shots are given in the story; white powder of an antidote for contamination sickness is used.
Nudity: None
Other: An e-mail address for a prayer chain is mentioned; man falls ill and writhes on the ground and has convulsions and foams at the mouth; a few characters die and one does so in sacrifice; woman almost dies but man brings her back with mouth to mouth resuscitation; woman vomits and coughs; Homeland Security is underhanded; refugees seek shelter; a corpse is floated out to sea; prayer is offered up to Jesus.


Company: Faith Films
Writer: Brian Brinkman and Micho Rutare
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter