The Call of the Entrepreneur

DVD Release: October 1, 2009
The Call of the Entrepreneur


A merchant banker. A failing dairy farmer. A refugee from Communist China. One risked his savings. One risked his farm. One risked his life. Why do their stories matter? Because how we view entrepreneurs, as greedy or altruistic, as virtuous or vicious, shapes the destinies of individuals and nations.

Dove Review

This is a nicely made DVD, which explores the true meaning of being an entrepreneur and tackles the question as to whether or not capitalism and creative product promotions are good things or not. From a farm in Evart, Michigan, to Hong Kong and an entrepreneur from Asia named Jimmy Lai, the topic is featured with a variety of guests, including Rev. Tony Campolo and expert Michael Novack.

Various types of entrepreneurship are viewed including composting, the use of the media, stock market investments, the opening of the clothing store Giordano and so forth. The Topic of the Divine in entrepreneurship is mentioned, including the comments of a minister who believes man is allowed to cooperate with God in using the earth’s resources.

This is a DVD that promotes thinking and is timely and relevant. We gladly award it our Dove Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Images of violence in China and of young man standing in front of tank.
Sex: None
Language: "Bull**** (Complete word not said, bleep used at halfway through); H*llish-1
Violence: Images of violence in China and of young man standing in front of tank.
Drugs: From a movie clip used in the film smoking and drinking is seen; bottle of champagne seen.
Nudity: None
Other: The topic of whether or not all capitalists are greedy.


Company: Acton Institute
Director: Simon Scionka
Producer: James Fitzgerald, Jr.
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 59 min.
Starring: Experts: Rev. Robert Sirico, Jay Richards, Samuel Gregg, Michael Novak, George Gilder
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter