The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance

DVD Release: January 1, 2002
The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance


September 1939 – War breaks out in Europe as Germany invades Poland. Eight months later, Hitler would publically broadcast that he would not invade Holland due to their neutrality during WWI. Within hours, this promise would become a treacherous lie that would engulf the small country in World War II. Innocence would die. Prejudice and persecution would spread and the preservation of human life would become a life and death mission for a small minority of ordinary Dutch citizens.

Dove Review

This is a powerful and compelling story of the Dutch resistance to the Nazis during World War ll. Survivors of the period recall the horrors of what they faced as the Nazis occupied their land and searched out rebel spies. Stories of death and hunger are sadly told accompanied by archival footage which displays nude prisoners and some with emaciated bodies from hunger. It all began when Hitler sat in a prison cell for political crimes and wrote an autobiograhpy titled “Mein Kampf” (My Dream) and spelled out his plans to wipe out the Jewish race and gain control of world power.

The people who share their stories include John Muller, John Knight, Frieda Menco, Hans Zilversmit and Jan Van Drill who says, “Man makes his plans but God rules.” It is an inspiring documentary as many of them state they have no idea why God allowed the holocaust terrors but they still believe He is God and He moves in mysterious ways. World War II began in September 1939 as Hitler struck in Poland. The Fire Bombing of Rotterdam is featured as Germans begin patrolling the streets of Holland.

This is a stirring documentary due to the nudity in archival footage, we award this film our Dove “Faith Based” Seal with a caution for nudity.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Footage of planes struck down; explosions; jeeps and tanks invade territories; fires, talk of grenades going off in school rooms; children killed from bombings is mentioned; it is mentioned some parents considered taking their children's lives rather than letting the Nazis do it; woman says she saw fiance' hanged; Jews are kicked and beaten according to reports; mention of prisoners dying by firing squad or in concentration camps for resistance; recurring death scene of bones and skulls; other archival footage which includes skeletal remains; man's toes and fingers cracked and he is not allowed to go to hospital; corpses seen; it's said gold was taken from teeth of the dead prisoners.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Archival footage includes nudity of female and male prisoners; women's breasts and rear; brief frontal nudity in shadows of woman and man; baby's behind is seen.
Other: Talk of Jews going into hiding; it's mentioned children were removed from their parents; it's mentioned many Christians became determined to help their Jewish friends and the resistance became more organized.


Company: Storytelling Pictures
Director: John F. Evans
Producer: Corey Niemchick
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 96 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Narrated by: Diet Eman
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter