The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Theatrical Release: November 20, 2009
The Twilight Saga: New Moon


In the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenally successful ‘Twilight’ series, the romance between mortal and vampire soars to a new level as Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) delves deeper into the mysteries of the supernatural world she yearns to become part of — only to find herself in greater peril than ever before. Following Bella’s ill-fated 18th birthday party, Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson) and his family abandon the town of Forks, Washington, in an effort to protect her from the dangers inherent in their world. As the heartbroken Bella sleepwalks through her senior year of high school, numb and alone, she discovers Edward’s image comes to her whenever she puts herself in jeopardy. Her desire to be with him at any cost leads her to take greater and greater risks. With the help of her childhood friend Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), Bella refurbishes an old motorbike to carry her on her adventures. Bella’s frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with Jacob, a member of the mysterious Quileute tribe, who has a supernatural secret of his own. When a chance encounter brings Bella face to face with a former nemesis, only the intervention of a pack of supernaturally large wolves saves her from a grisly fate, and the encounter makes it frighteningly clear that Bella is still in grave danger. In a race against the clock, Bella learns the secret of the Quileutes and Edward’s true motivation for leaving her. She also faces the prospect of a potentially deadly reunion with her beloved that is a far cry from the one she’d hoped for. With more of the passion, action and suspense that made ‘Twilight’ a worldwide phenomenon, ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ is a spellbinding follow-up to the box office hit.

Dove Review

The first “Twilight” film received our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus, and with about ten minutes or so to go at the screening I saw, I thought this one might receive it too. Unfortunately, a character told another one to go to H…, and we don’t award our Seal to movies which include this damning remark. The film had a bit of language at any rate, and we can’t recommend it for our Dove families. However, on a positive note, the film does have a strong theme of sacrificial love. It also has a cliff-hanger ending that made many of the females go, “Oh, come on! No, you can’t do that to us!” So the cliff-hanger definitely sets up the next “Twilight” film. Hopefully that one will receive our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal. To quote Maxwell Smart, famous movie and TV agent, this one “missed it by that much” (by one remark, actually).

Content Description

Sex: Passionate kissing by a couple; another couple almost kisses a few times.
Language: "You can go to H"-1; H-11; Da*ned (as in eternally lost)-3; D-1; G/OMG-4; Sucks-1; Crap (half said)-1
Violence: A character is decapitated in a fantasy kind of sequence but the head cracks up in the light and it is brief and not graphic and doesn't show blood; a few scenes with blood including blood on the arm of a girl and some other wounds when she is thrown into a mirror to actually keep her out of harm's way; a woman gets a paper cut with a bit of blood; a woman's arm receives stitches and it is briefly seen; some werewolves fight in the midst of themselves; we learn a woman with half of her face disfigured became that way from a werewolf striking her; some vampires fight amongst themselves and one of them is knocked into marble steps, etc.
Drugs: A character drinks a beer; some men are seen standing and holding beer.
Nudity: Cleavage; shirtless men.
Other: A dream catcher is used to keep away nightmares but it doesn't work; talk of the eternal soul and damnation as one character attempts to prevent another character from becoming a vampire; talk of suicide as one character doesn't want to live forever as he is and wants to keep another character from becoming a vampire; one character says it is worth it to risk losing her soul to be with the one she wants; a character dives into a river from a deep drop in order to "feel a rush" and a strong wave strikes her and she passes out but she is saved; a character gives a woman CPR to save her life; a man dies from a heart attack; a character has nightmares.


Company: Summit Entertainment
Writer: Melissa Rosenberg and Stephenie Meyer
Director: Chris Weitz
Producer: Wyck Godfrey
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 130 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter