Littluns and the Book of Darkness (Novel)

Book Release: December 1, 2009
Littluns and the Book of Darkness (Novel)


This is an epic animated, fantasy, mythological adventure and journey into a volatile unknown that will stir the reader’s every emotion while presenting real-life examples that everyone can relate to. It is a story of extreme good and innocence in a world of chaos from the resulting seductive effects of evil. It clearly defines the difference and becomes the family friendly alternative. If readers are looking for a different reading experience that will keep them on the edge of their seat, and touch their heart, they’ll find it in “LITTLUNS: and the Book of Darkness.”

Dove Review

If one knows the book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, it will help the reader appreciate this symbolic story more. But being an expert in the Book of Revelation is not required to appreciate this story of the battle and struggles of good versus evil. The author takes us into a world which is reminiscent of Tolkien.

There are goblins and dwarfs and a necromancer and sorcerers and holy men and those who seek to fulfill the Book of Darkness and those who look to follow God’s word and light and love. The content is recommended for ages twelve plus as it does include the use of drugs to poison food and drink, and the use of dark arts. Still, the Bible is quoted and this symbolic story parallels the Book of Revelation and the dark figure who is akin to the Anti-Christ, an evil character who desires to rule the world and to rid it of light and love.

This story is well written and the good and evil aspects are a feature throughout the book. Parents should consult our content listing below. The book is not for everyone, but many will enjoy its vivid descriptions and writing. It is a very literate story with well written and defined good and evil characters. Those who especially enjoy medieval literature and allegorical stories mirroring Biblical themes will enjoy this book. We gladly award this book our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. There is hope for the characters in this story who wish to avoid the dark side of this shadow world!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: "Hellish"-1; H-used on a few occasions.
Violence: A goblin is hit by a rock; wolves driven off with slingshots; creatures attack; some characters are captured; a dragon eats humans; a goblin is impaled; a Littlun is speared; creature eaten by dragon; a threat to those who stand in the way of despot's plans; explosive powder in chests of characters ignites; creatures are instructed to fly into the air and eat the flesh of those who defied the necromancer; wars and spiritual battles.
Drugs: It's mentioned some characters are intoxicated; Dwarf wine; white powder-drugs; food and drink is drugged by bad guys.
Nudity: None
Other: Seductive voice heard; voice says it is the father of all things past, present and future; a boy convulses with body jerks; a few characters die mysteriously; professors which are part of a Satanist organization called N.A.T.A.S. (Satan spelled back wards) but they are viewed as evil and the bad guys; dark arts, spells and potions which mirror the prophecies of the Book of Revelation; beasts and demons and corrupted dead are summoned in this fantasy story; God's love is featured; the Book of Darkness contains knowledge from the underworld; the Bible is quoted from and mentioned as the source of light; Goblin King eats boogers; Goblin urine is mentioned; Necromancer is prominent in story (summoner of the dead and practitioner of dark arts); "Go with God" is featured; a plan to burn identification in character's flesh; I.D. burned into character's wrist by crystal ball; a Bible rests on podium; Scripture readings from Psalms and Philippians; the Anti-Christ of Revelation is mentioned; a character thinks this is "hogwash"; the Number 666 is mentioned; sorcerers; goblin pee is consumed; a demon statue; a New World Order is mentioned.


Company: EZ Gift Shopping
Writer: Mark Glamack
Genre: Fiction
Industry Rating: YoungAdult
Starring: Illustrator: Mark Glamack
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter