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Waiting for Forever

Life has gotten complicated for actress Emma Twist. Her mediocre TV show has been canceled, she's on the rocks with her boyfriend Aaron, and her father's illness has been deemed terminal. To make matters worse, her childhood friend Will Donner, whom she hasn't laid eyes on since they were children, has decided now is the time to profess his true feelings for her. When everyone unexpectedly converges in Emma's hometown, questions of family, love and how we live our lives are explored.
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When you are a child you do not always understand the things that happen in life. Will lost his parents in a train wreck when he was very young. Not being able to fully understand, he took the advice of his best friend, Emma, who told him he would always be loved. Emma on the other hand, has grown up and moved around with her career. Now retuning home to spend some time with her mom and terminally ill dad, she needs to take this time to figure our her personal life.

The two of them have lived in two different worlds, but unbeknown to Emma, Will has always been close to her world. Now the time has come for both to come to terms with their inner feelings and the reality of their lives.

It is a dramatic story of true love, although one-sided, that has carried a young man through his world of loss. People around him believe he is mentally unstable. Emma is a young woman that has made wrong choices in her life and needs to face the loss of her father. Now they are together and the question is: can they help one other examine what they have done, family relationships, and the consequence of life.

I recommend this movie for ages 12 and older due to the issues and especially because of some of the content. Dove awards this story the Dove “Family-Approved” 12+ Seal.

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Parents die in train wreck; young woman throws things at boyfriend; man beats a man to death; man hits himself.


Couple Kiss, discussion regarding "cheating" couple.


OMG-3; Asinine-1; Bull hunky-1; (letter used) F-ing-1 (not the word); A-1; Name calling such as jerk, mental, nuts; Jeez-1


Parents die in train wreck; young woman throws things at boyfriend; man beats a man to death; man hits himself.


Man with cigar; couple in bar that was once a soda shop orders champagne; couple drinks champagne.


Scene of man sitting in bath tub and scene of woman sitting in bathtub but neither displays any nudity


Man hitch-hiking; man standing up while riding in back of pick-up truck; young man follows a young woman all over the country; father is dying; man picks at woman to make her stronger; man lies to police; a man is arrested.

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