Little Big League

Theatrical Release: July 7, 1994
DVD Release: July 7, 1994
Little Big League


Although eleven year old Billy Heywood (Luke Edwards) isn’t much of a baseball player himself, he loves the game and knows all about the professional games and players of the past and present. When his granddad (Jason Robards) dies, he inherits the Minnesota Twins big league baseball team and decides he will be the team’s manager. His mother, Jenny (Ashley Crow), reluctantly consents and, in spite of the players’initial resentment, Billy proves to be a real genius at managing the team. At first, though, the team goes into a slump and every one is downhearted. But with his encouragement, they make a comeback and find themselves in the league playoff with Seattle. Do they win? Does Billy stay on as manager? A surprise ending tells the tale in this very enjoyable film. There are plenty of laughs, pathos and baseball action in LITTLE BIG LEAGUE which turns out to be a fun, feel good movie.

Dove Review

Billy is a decent, well mannered young boy and has a loving relationship with his mother. She, in turn, keeps a tight rein on him, insisting that he keep up with his homework and treat his friends right. However, in two brief scenes, Billy is seen watching sexually explicit movies in a hotel room at out of town games. Some scantily clad, sensual women are seen and heard briefly on the screen. When Jenny finds this out, she makes him promise he won’t do this anymore. Jenny and one of the single players (Timothy Busfield) become romantically involved, but their relationship does not degenerate into a sexual affair. Billy is a firm, but compassionate manager. He encourages the men to win, but tells them that it’s more important to enjoy playing. With all the positive messages, though, comes some offensive language, including some crudities, obscenities and one profanity. This is undoubtedly done to avoid a G rating, but sadly detracts from the film’s quality.

Content Description


Company: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Genre: Comedy
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Movie Morality Ministries - John Evans