One Last Dance

DVD Release: February 8, 2010
One Last Dance


In the wake of tragedy, a renowned new York dance company is on the brink of collapse. After leaving the dance world for good, Travis, Chrissa and Max are pulled in to resurrect the dance that shattered their careers. They have one last chance to save the company, re-connect with the passion and magic, and prove that miracles really can happen.

Dove Review

This is a dramatic film about dancers of the theater and starring Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi in the leading roles along with George De Pena. Together they portray the roles of three dancers that in the past were at the top of their profession. However, after a tragic confrontation in a dance, they have been apart and out of this theatric world. But now they must confront the issues that drove them all away from the passion of dance and help the dance company retrieve front stage with the same dance that destroyed the three of them.

I have been a fan of Patrick Swayze, but this film leaves me a little disappointed. Although the passion that it takes to be a great dancer and the intense reality that it is not easy is shown, this movie is lacking something in the storyline.

Due to the over abundance of language and a sexual relationship, this movie cannot be awarded our Doe Seal for the family.

Content Description

Sex: An unmarried couple had a relationship that produced a daughter; woman dancing sexually;couple dancing passionately.
Language: SOB-1; OMG/OG-4: H-4; A-5; D-4; GD-2; F-1; Chr*st-1; S-2
Violence: Woman sobbing on floor in pain; man slaps another man on behind.
Drugs: Scenes of people smoking cigarettes; man orders a scotch at bar.
Nudity: Tight short dance outfits on men and women; woman on stage dressed in short shorts, showing mid-drift and cleavage; women's nipples protrude through material of tops; man loses his pants.
Other: Woman having an emotional breakdown; intense dance rehearsals.


Company: Screen Media
Writer: Lisa Niemi
Director: Lisa Niemi
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 100 min.
Industry Rating: PG-13
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe