Racing Dreams

Theatrical Release: July 31, 2009
DVD Release: July 9, 2010
Racing Dreams


RACING DREAMS is a poignant and fascinating look at three kids who dream of one day racing in NASCAR.

Academy Award nominated director, Marshall Curry (Street Fight), takes us into the lives of Annabeth (11 years old), Josh (12) and Brandon (13) as they compete for the World Karting Association’s National Championship. Clocking speeds of up to 70mph in extreme racing karts, these young racers hope to follow the scores of great NASCAR drivers who got their start in racing’s version of Little League.

Josh, started racing when he was five, is bright and focused beyond his years. He studies both the driving and the interview styles of NASCAR drivers, and he understands that success in this sport requires professionalism above all. Brandon is funny charismatic, but his hot temper often leads him into trouble. He is gunning to win the championship that he lost last year when he was disqualified for rough driving. With a difficult life, racing for him is as much of an escape as a passion. And Annabeth, the talented daughter of a retired race car driver, spends nearly every weekend at the track, and struggles to balance a love for racing with a desire to be a regular kid.

As they race their way through the year-long Championship series, they also navigate the treacherous road between childhood and young adulthood. In intimate, heartfelt moments – some dark, some funny- we see them battle dysfunction and economic hardships, celebrate young romance and struggle to figure out how they are.

Dove Review

An interesting documentary about the world of kart racing. This story tell s of three young people that love to race and come from different lifestyles. Brandon lives with his grandparents because of the drug addictions that his parents have and of which causes his father to be in and out of prison. Josh is a perfectionist, studies and does his best at everything his does. Annabeth loves to race but also wants to sometimes to be just one of the girls.

This film looks into each of these kids story, their family life, their racing life and how they react to different situations. Although at times there are some disrespectful attitudes especially from Brandon, they are dealt with in a manner that shows they are not acceptable. You hear from the racers and thoughts from family members but all in all this is a great look at what it takes to start in the racing world whether it is karts or cars it starts somewhere.

We award this film with he Dove “Family-Approved” seal for 12 and older.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: it-1; OMG/OG-4: Name calling "retarded"
Violence: Discussion regarding fighting in school; Accident on race track
Drugs: Grandmother smoking a cigarette; Discussion regarding parents drug addictions;
Nudity: Young girl in shorts; Man shirtless;
Other: Disrespectful attitude toward adults from young boy; Discussion regarding young boys temper


Company: Zipline Entertainment
Director: Marshall Curry
Producer: Marshall Curry
Genre: Action
Runtime: 98 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Annabeth Barnes and Family; Joshua Hobson and Family; Brandon Warren and Family
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe