Furry Vengeance

Theatrical Release: April 30, 2010
DVD Release: August 17, 2010
Furry Vengeance


“Furry Vengeance” is a live action family comedy in which an ambitious young real estate developer, Dan Sanders, faces off with a band of angry animals when his new housing subdivision pushes too far into a pristine part of the wilderness. Led by an incredibly clever raccoon, the animals stymie the development and teach our hero about the environmental consequences of man’s encroachment on nature.

Dove Review

Fraser and Furry are Family Friendly! Fraser is Funny in Furry! Enjoy a Furry good time with your Family! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. If you enjoy slapstick comedy, this is the film for you. Brendan Fraser is a likable good guy in this movie, and he plays a family man named Dan Sanders who is married to Tammy (Brooke Shields). They have relocated along with their son Tyler (Matt Prokop) to Rocky Springs, far from their previous life in Chicago. Tyler misses his previous life and doesn’t hide this fact from his father. The relocation is supposed to be temporary, as Dan is working for his boss, Neil Lyman, to develop a subdivision in the woods and the animals who live there respond in hostility. They are also well organized.

Dan deals with everything from a crow pecking at his bedroom window during all hours of the night, to an assault of skunks that hide in his van, to another attack which involves him winding up in a porta potty up a tree. Sure, it is outrageous silly fun but Fraser plays it straight all the way which adds to the charm of the movie. Although the movie is awarded our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus there are many kids under twelve who could handle the fantasy-type violence of the animals as they work hard to prevent losing their home and environment.

Get ready for a lot of slapstick and physical comedy. Go see “Furry Vengeance” but watch out for the skunks and the raccoon! We gladly award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this film.

Content Description

Sex: Husband and wife kiss.
Language: H-(as a place, teen boy says, I am in H")-1; G/OMG-3; Son of--(not finished); Geez-1; Dan cries out "Miley Cyrus!" when attacked at one point.
Violence: A lot of slapstick and fantasy violence; several skunks attack characters; man drives van into construction materials a few times; animals strike character on a few occasions; birds poop on several people; raccoon and other animals attack and they push boulders in front of vehicles; one man falls in vehicle over a cliff but is still alive; dynamite is used to get rid of a beaver dam but the beavers are not home; animal pulls plug from a character's treadmill and he falls off; character falls from roof.
Drugs: Man smokes cigar.
Nudity: Mild cleavage; bare midriffs; shirtless man.
Other: Son is angry with father and yells at one point with just a loud grunt but they reconcile.


Company: Summit Entertainment
Writer: Michael Carnes & Josh Gilbert
Director: Roger Kumble
Producer: Keith Goldberg
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter