EZ Money

DVD Release: October 14, 2010
EZ Money


A mischievous nine-year-old girl’s quick and simple get-rich-quick scheme hits an unexpected hitch when she incurs the wrath of a powerful gangster who is determined to hold onto his money in director Dan T. Hall’s fast-paced family comedy. Molly Thompson has been sent to the principal’s office yet again. A computer savvy pre-teen with a terminal case of curiosity, Molly intercepts an e-mail from a supposed Nigerian diplomat offering $3 million to anyone who can help him transport some stolen funds. When Molly combines her keen business sense with her nine-year-old brother Alex’s killer skills at the keyboard, it appears as if the entrepreneurial siblings have netted their first cool million. Their celebration is cut somewhat short, however, upon learning that the fraudulent e-mail was not actually from a Nigerian diplomat in genuine need of help, but an international mobster whose clever scheme has pulled in piles of cash. As with any self-respecting gangster, this malicious Mafioso isn’t about to see his plan foiled by a couple of scheming kids, and soon sets out to ensure that his cash stays put.

Dove Review

This is a hilarious film once is gets going. The pace was slow at first and you are not sure of the direction it is going to take but then it pulls the audience in. It has comical twists and is about a computer expert and sidekick of an undercover police officer, the con artist kids that want to get rich and an evil woman that wants her money back. The laughs just keep coming, making this a very funny family movie.

Along the way there is an underlying message to beware of those money scams that are sent to people on the computer and how they may sound good but they can lead to trouble. We award this movie the Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: OMG-1; For God Sake-1; A Dumb Butt-1; Crap-1
Violence: Man with gun watches over young people on computers; man trying to rob a restaurant; discussion regarding a girl beating up a boy at school; three different men are chocked by an electrical surge; woman threatens kids and kidnaps a 6 year old girl.
Drugs: Woman smokes a cigar.
Nudity: Man drops his pants to the floor and in his boxers thinks he is on a toilet
Other: Girl gets on principal's computer; computer money scam; comment regarding a man peeing in hot tub.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Writer: Dan T. Hall
Director: Dan T. Hall
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 86 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe