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Dinner for Schmucks

Tim, an up-and-coming executive, has just received his first invitation to the "dinner for idiots," a monthly event hosted by his boss that promises bragging rights (and maybe more) to the exec that shows up with the biggest buffoon. Tim's fiancée, Julie, finds it distasteful and Tim agrees to skip the dinner, until he bumps into Barry - an IRS employee who devotes his spare time to building elaborate taxidermy mouse dioramas - and quickly realizes he's struck idiot gold. Tim can't resist, and invites Barry, whose blundering good intentions soon sends Tim's life into a frenzied downward spiral and a series of comic misadventures, threatening a major business deal, bringing crazy stalker ex-girlfriend, Darla, back into Tim's life and driving Julie (or so Tim thinks) into the arms of another man.
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Dove Review

This is definitely a comedy that will make you laugh out loud. But I believe they pushed the PG-13 to the edge of R. Filled with offensive language, sexual innuendos and partial nudity, this film is far from being something I would let my 13 year old watch. This picture is more along the lines of something that college kids would go to see.

Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd work well together to bring the story of a young executive who so desperately wants to move up that he will do things that go against his principals. In the process, he almost loses the one thing he wants most and that is to marry his girlfriend. Although Steve’s character is a peculiar guy, in the end he helps his new friend get the girl.

Due to the innuendos, strong language, partial nudity and drug categories, this film cannot receive our Dove Seal as a family-friendly film.

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Woman throwing things at a man; woman smashes up car with some sort of club; man gets his finger cut off and bird takes it.


Many sexual innuendos; talk of orgy; young unmarried couple live together; comments regarding sexual body part; comments regarding catching sexual disease; comment written on a napkin stating "I'm wet"; woman asks to be spanked and spanks herself.


J/JC/CS-3; F-1; H-3; A-1; G/OMG-106; Douche-2; Penis-2; Anus-1; BJ-1; S-5


Woman throwing things at a man; woman smashes up car with some sort of club; man gets his finger cut off and bird takes it.


Discussions regarding heroin, grass; marijuana; woman drinks alcohol at work; men drink at party.


Girl's panties seen in a picture; partially nude women and a man; art work with partially nude man; a female puppet with cleavage showing large nipples.


Making fun of someone that is different or odd; throwing a party for people considered idiots; doing something that offends others.

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