My Necklace Myself

DVD Release: August 17, 2010
My Necklace Myself


Lacie, a shy, fifteen year-old tries to figure out what to wear for first date. Her mother presents her with a gift, a necklace that allows its wearer the chance to become anything they wish. So with her best friend Serrin in tow, Lacie goes on a magical journey to find out who she really is. Will she find what she is looking for? Or is what she’s looking for waiting for her in the mirror? Finding your true self is just a simple wish away.

Dove Review

The first date for a teenage girl can make her a little nervous. This is a movie about how a necklace allows Lacie to see what the future could hold if her dreams came true. The film shows that what you wish for may not always be as perfect as you think and it is better to be yourself than someone you are not.

It is a charming story geared toward teenage girls with a lesson about believing in yourself and who you are. We award this short film the Dove “Family-Approved” 12+ Seal.

Content Description

Sex: Comment about getting pregnant.
Language: Pooper-1; Comment about being "gods".
Violence: Man pulling on girl; girls fight over necklace.
Drugs: Party scene with a comment about getting wasted and drunk.
Nudity: Slight Cleavage; short skirts.
Other: Man tries to get girls to go to his room for private party; the idea of being someone you are not.


Company: FilmWorks Entertainment
Writer: Byran Caron
Director: Byran Caron
Producer: Ronald Shattuck
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 41 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe