Paranormal Activity 2

Theatrical Release: October 22, 2010
Paranormal Activity 2


After experiencing what they think are a series of “break-ins”, a family sets up security cameras around their home, only to realize that the events unfolding before them are more sinister than they seem.

Dove Review

This is a movie that would make many families uncomfortable. For instance, It is mentioned in the film that some girls held seances as little girls and now that they are grown up there is demonic activity in one of the young woman’s homes. Chris is the woman now grown with a step-daughter, Allie, and her firstborn son, Hunter. A pool cleaner begins to move by itself at night and security cameras pick this up along with pans falling all by themselves, unexplained noises, a baby’s mobile moving by itself, lights going on and off and doors moving by themselves. But this is only the beginning. Soon the disturbances become more frightening, and the baby is seen being moved and picked up with no one in the room. Unfortunately, Allie holds a seance with her boyfriend, opening up doors in the spirit realm, and things get worse.

This movie contains occult and paranormal activities and frightening images including people being literally attacked by the unseen forces. In addition the sex and language categories contain material which is above our level of acceptability. We cannot award our Dove Seal to this movie as a family-friendly film.

Content Description

Sex: An innuendo or two; a graphic slang word for vagina is used several times by teens.
Language: J/JC-4; G/OMG-16; F-7; S-3; Crap-2; D-1; A-1; Sucks-1; Slang for vagina-6; Slang for being in the mood for sex-1
Violence: Dog is attacked; baby is moved in crib and picked up; woman is picked up and dragged; things move and crash in the house; it is said a man died from these activities; loud noises and things being banged around in the basement and cement is broken.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Cleavage; women in bathing suits; shirtless men.
Other: Strong occult activitiy with a seance being held and talk of spirits and paranormal activity.


Company: Paramount
Writer: Oren Peli & Michael R. Perry
Director: Tod Williams
Producer: Jason Blum
Genre: Horror
Runtime: 95 min.
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter