Back to You and Me

DVD Release: July 25, 2005
Back to You and Me


After reluctantly returning to her small hometown, Syd is forced to confront her estranged mother and work through their broken relationship. Struggling to understand an old family secret, she works to make sense of her past and along the way finds unexpected romance with her childhood sweetheart. An uplifting drama about the power of love and forgiveness, “Back to You and Me’ is about anyone who ever wanted a second chance.

Dove Review

Here is a story about coming home again, facing old feelings and romance. Syd is talked into returning to her hometown for a class reunion after being away in the big city for many years. With help from some old friends she confronts her mother with her feelings she had after her father’s death. A secret of the family is revealed that heal the wounds between mother and daughter. Along the way some other emotions regarding Syd’s childhood sweetheart come to light.

It is a moving drama about family, lost love, mending broken relationships and forgiveness that everyone can enjoy. The Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages is awarded to this charming movie.

Content Description

Sex: Comment regarding being "hot and horny"; a couple kisses.
Language: OMG/G-2
Violence: None
Drugs: Drinking of wine; man tries to have a cigarette; scene of patient in hospital with IVs.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Disrespectful attitude towards mother; young boy is ill.


Company: Gaiam/Vivendi
Writer: Tom Amundsen
Director: David S. Cass, Sr.
Producer: Albert T. Dickerson lll, Jeff Kloss
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Donna Rolfe