The Printing

DVD Release: January 1, 1990
The Printing


When Christian principles become socially unacceptable and society moves to repress them, what will the Christians do?

Dove Review

What a remarkable, well-acted relevant story! This movie about the persecution of Russian Christians who printed underground Bibles during the Soviet’s Communist reign is a quality production with a good story, solid acting, and scenes which will move the viewer. It is stated at the beginning that it is a fictional story based on real-life experiences of Christian believers in the Soviet Union during the days of Communist rule.

The KGB has to approve the sermons of Pastor Aleksandr, whose son Dmitri is in prison for being a rebel. Later when he is released he becomes a Christian and wants his father to publicly baptize him. However, Pastor Aleksandr has always been obedient to the KGB’s wishes and he knows he will lose his church if he follows through on his son’s request. He tells Dmitri that he will baptize him privately but Dmitri sadly leaves, determined to be baptized in the open and to help pass out the forbidden Bibles which are printed in an underground operation. When the kGB comes after Dmitri, it is then that Pastor Aleksandr decides he has seen enough of their persecution.

The film includes a few scenes of torture to the Christians and an accidental death as a Christian man flees the KGB, but it is not an over-the-top scene and we are pleased to award our Dove Seal to the film for ages twelve plus. Parents should consult the content listing below and may feel comfortable with their younger mature children viewing this film. This movie no doubt will urge Christian believers everywhere to appreciate the freedoms they enjoy. It is inspiring!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: "Idiot"-1; "Fool"-1
Violence: A man is punched in the stomach; a grandmother is shoved; a doctor punches a panicking patient to settle him down; a man quotes scripture as he is tortured and interrogated; cement blocks fall on a man, killing him; a man busts lights in church and then the pastor does in frustration.
Drugs: Smoking by a soldier; smoking in another couple of scenes.
Nudity: None
Other: A Russian general says, "I hate these Christians"; the KGB stops an outdoor service and tells the people to stop singing and they stop the pastor from leading a communion service; prayer and scriptures are quoted; a man is baptized; man rips page out of Bible.


Company: Unusual Films
Writer: Charles Gibson & Tim Rogers
Director: Tim Rogers
Producer: Tim Rogers
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 137 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter