Hollywood Safari

DVD Release: March 1, 2011
Hollywood Safari


The Johnson family has made a business out of their love for animals by training them for movies. But while transporting their mild-mannered female lion, Kensho, to a set, the animal escapes into the Hollywood Hills. Meanwhile, a wild Kensho look-alike is wreaking havoc and causing chaos for a high-strung Sheriff’s Deputy (John Savage). When Kensho gets the blame, the Johnsons must set the record straight and save their pet before her well-being — and their own safety — is seriously threatened.

Dove Review

“Hollywood Safari” is a made-for-TV movie adventure involving Kensho, an escaped trained female lion. Kensho becomes confused with a wild look-alike who is causing fear and chaos in a California vacation town. It becomes a race against time for the county sheriff and the family who loves Kensho.

This film is set against a rugged background and involves quality action shots of beautiful animals as well as several great scenes with the family dog- reminiscent of the old “Lassie” series. The characters are seen as a close-knit family with strong ties who work to support each other in the midst of tension and confusion. Several law enforcement officials are seen as pushing the limits of right and wrong as they are engulfed in the challenge they face.

We found this film to contain a positive storyline and very strong family values; however, we are unable to recommend it for family viewing because of several instances of strong language.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: GD-1; H-1; D-2
Violence: Simulated animal fights; animal attack on person with blood; fist fights; tranquilizer gun; shot gun and hand guns shown but no graphic injury seen.
Drugs: Beer bottle during a picnic scene and reference to a character being a beer guzzler.
Nudity: Normal beach attire for men and women with bare midriff shown on some women - no obvious cleavage.
Other: Mild disobedience to a parent - with consequences.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Writer: Henri Charr and Jess Mancilla
Director: Henri Charr
Producer: Joseph Merhi and Richard Pepin
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 89 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Starring: John Savage, Ted Jan Roberts and Don 'The Dragon' Wilson
Reviewer: Nancy Bouwens