A Mothers Love

Theatrical Release: December 2, 2011
DVD Release: April 24, 2012
A Mothers Love


Limited Theatrical Release (Chicago/Maryland) – Regina Reynolds (Rolonda Watts), is an independent woman in the truest sense! But her taste for the good life didn’t necessarily include her husband Marcus (Julian Starks) or her daughter Monica (Salina Duplessis). It truly takes “A Mother’s Love” from Georgia (Amentha Dymally) to pray her down to earth!

This film is about 3 generations of broken women. It is from a perspective you have never seen in a film before. “A Mother’s Love” is actually a real life Gospel Stage Play presented in the form of a film – it is a new cinematic experience and a story too big for the stage, and so real you will think you are living it yourself!

Dove Review

You know it’s a good movie when you both laugh and get teary-eyed while watching. This is a remarkable and inspiring film! It has all the key elements: good acting, fantastic direction, and a good story to boot. We at Dove can’t recommend this one enough. The story focuses on Regina Reynolds (Rolonda Watts), a strong woman who is independent with a capital “I”! She is estranged from her husband, Marcus (Julian Starks), who doesn’t want the separation but has no choice in the matter. In addition, Regina’s and Marcus’ daughter, Monica, is battling drug addiction and turns to her grandmother, “Granny”, played by Amentha Dymally who says what she thinks, is a devoted Christian and who had me in stitches several times. She says things like, “Hold me back, Jesus!” when becoming upset with her self-willed daughter who has to lose almost everything before giving things over to God. She also looks up “Thou Shalt Not Kill” when her daughter is being particularly obstinate. She gives sage advice like, “God cares more about your soul than your lifestyle.”

Since the movie deals with drug addiction, a man who comes on to a young woman, and an orderly at a rehab facility who grabs a woman by the throat, we are recommending it for ages twelve plus but mature children under twelve would glean from this film according to their parents’ guidance. “Granny” alone is worth watching as Amentha Dymally spouts out one-liners, prays to God, and tells it like it is. She loves her daughter but puts her in her place when needed. All the other actors are quite good as well. This movie features a great ending and will make the viewer feel good about the strength in close-knit families. We are most pleased to award this film five Doves, our highest rating. We recommend you watch this one with your mother and your other loved ones. It is time well spent. You just might laugh and cry too!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: An orderly grabs a woman by the throat when she refuses to take her medication; arguing between mother and daughter and husband and wife.
Sex: A man flirts with a married woman but it doesn't go anywhere; a few mild innuendos; husband and wife kiss.
Language: G/OMG-3; "Lord have mercy"-1; "You're stupid"-2; "Dummy"-1
Violence: An orderly grabs a woman by the throat when she refuses to take her medication; arguing between mother and daughter and husband and wife.
Drugs: A young woman's drug addiction is discussed; having a few drinks is mentioned; a "champagne test" is mentioned.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: Marital strife; a grandmother tells one lie to protect her granddaughter; a woman's furniture and car are repossessed; prayers and the quoting of scriptures; a woman says that money is everything but she changes her tune later on; the topic of forgiveness is portrayed.


Company: Magnolia Pictures
Writer: Carolyn Alexander & Tim Alexander
Director: Tim Alexander
Genre: Limited
Runtime: 105 min.
Starring: Rolonda Watts, Amentha Dymally, Julian Starks, Salina Duplessis, Beth Payne, Dylan Mooney, With Buddy Lewis and Vanessa Williams
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter