Guardian Knights (Novel)

Book Release: January 10, 2010
Guardian Knights (Novel)


Over 4,000 years ago in the land of Sumeria in ancient Mesopotamia there was a mighty kingdom, revered as the Land of the Gods. The inhabitants knew the divine secret of connecting their energy to create a prosperous existence. Other, more ancient civilizations, foretold of a time when the world would be divided. Darkness would enter man’s heart and humanity would have to choose sides. Mother Earth would suffer tremendous catastrophes from human choices; a new era would begin.

The prophecy is about to be fulfilled…

Seventeen-year-old triplets Monaco, India and Egypt Waters are seniors at a Washington D.C. high school. Monaco is a social butterfly; India, the bookworm, is focused on her entrance into Harvard; while Egypt, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, is a physics genius. Each of the girls, like most members of their family, has a special ability, a psychic power about which they never talk to their friends, but which they’ve always taken for granted … until they’re forced to think differently one seemingly ordinary day. What the girls don’t know, but are about to find out through a terrifying series of events, is that they come from a family that is far from ordinary, and they are about to become part of world-changing events that are almost too big and too frightening to comprehend.

Dove Review

This is a fantasy kind of book which concentrates on three principal characters, seventeen-year-old triplets in fact, namely Monaco, Egypt and India. Along with the prophecies and supernatural elements in the book, we have an extraordinary character with an ordinary physical problem (Egypt) who has been diagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome, a kind of autism, and yet she is a physics genius. The girls use “psychic” powers, so there is no biblical tie-in in referring to the gifts as a “word of wisdom” or “word of knowledge”. However, there is plenty of good vs. evil in the story, which despite its 327-page length, manages to keep the reader’s attention with a crisp writing style by the two authors, Jennifer Beck and Lucy Stewart. There is a mention of Christ’s second coming early on in the book and one character finds it to be “scary”. This is a fantasy story all the way. One girl has dreams of the future, one has telepathy and another telekinetic power, or the ability to move objects with one’s mind. The story really picks up when the girl’s discover some interesting revelations about themselves and their family’s background and just what they are up against.

Yet there is an historical side to the story as well; for example some history about the Mayan civilization, Ancient Egypt, The Nile Valley, Mesopotamia. Other historically significant events and peoples are mentioned in the book, as are hieroglyphics and various cultures’ mythologies. The Guardian Knights, or angels, must protect the world against a totalitarian regime, the New World Order. They attempt to protect those with special abilities who practice doing good deeds. The Seekers of Universal Light, or SOUL organization, have their hands full in this story. Again, although not a biblical story, this fantasy does use symbolism and focuses on the battle between good and evil. There are various heroes and villains in the story and Ereshkigal makes a memorable villain. Bioterrorism, kidnapping, and intelligence strategies are all devices used by the authors in this story.

It should be noted that it is remarked that everything operates off energy and that energy is life and that the power we have is to use our energy and other people’s energy. There is no mention of relying on God’s power but again this is a fantasy tale. There are some fights and battles and gun shots in the story but the book’s dialog is amazingly free from strong language which is a big plus. We are happy to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this book and recommend it for ages twelve and above. It is quite a literary achievement.

Content Description

Sex: A girl remembers a boy kissing her when she was 16; a man thinks about cheating on his girlfriend but doesn't.
Language: Crap-3; Idiot-1; Sucked or Sucks-3; Stupid-2; It's said one character swore but what he says is not mentioned.
Violence: It's mentioned a girl's father was killed by a certain group; disagreements between characters; fights with punching and kicking; a plane is attacked and some characters have bloody heads or noses; girls are kidnapped and an Amber Alert is put out; girl tackles boy to the ground; some people get sick from bioterrorism; intelligence deaths; death threats; man cleans gun; character swings rifle butt at character; a character is slammed into a tree by mental powers and then hit with a branch by a character.
Drugs: Medicine for a tension headache is mentioned.
Nudity: None
Other: A crystal with special powers plays a part in the story; an organization wants to rule the world; it is said that everything operates off energy and that energy is life and that the power we have is to feel our energy and others' energy and to use it; one girl thinks, "I hate him"; lies and betrayal; man tells girl he will pray for her and although it mentions she was not really religious she appreciates the thought; death and grief.


Company: Astron Media
Writer: Beck & Stewart
Genre: Fiction
Industry Rating: YoungAdult
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter