Milltown Pride

DVD Release: May 30, 2011
Milltown Pride


Milltown Pride tells of a young man who dreams of playing professional baseball, his rise as a baseball star, his fall from grace, and the redemption he finds through faith and love.

Dove Review

This is a terrific film for the entire family to enjoy together and the setting is the past, when the game of baseball was still young and the uniforms were hot and made of heavy material. Will Wright comes from the town side of the tracks and is called a town boy but makes friends with several of the players from the other side of town where most people make their living at the mill. The exception is Pike, who doesn’t like anyone from town. Will’s father tells him they shouldn’t mix with those from the other side of town, and the social classes are set deep in some men’s thinking.

Will has a desire to be a ballplayer and goes against his father’s wishes when he leaves home to play ball. His father and mother worry he will be tempted by alcohol and during this time of prohibition this is something which was not tolerated in the least by many families. The movie does carry some comic relief, as in one scene one character tells a friend that a croquet ball is used to throw at…crows!

Will joins the Newton Sluggers and meets a girl named Ginnie who is a dedicated Christian and sees the potential in Will to be a good man. But Will fights a few battles and winds up breaking the promise he made to his mother. When Will’s friend Chick, who is Pike’s brother, makes a commitment to Christ, Will is under the gun to either mean business or to run in the other direction.

When a near-tragic event occurs, Will realizes the time has come to choose his fate and which spiritual side he will stand on. This is a story of hope and forgiveness, redemption and love. It is nicely told and overall a wholesome film which families can enjoy together. It focuses on Christ’s help for believers to truly live spiritual lives. One of the lines from the movie is that “There are no stains on the pages on tomorrow”; in other words, every day begins with a fresh start. We are proud to award this movie our Dove Seal for all ages. In addition we award the film five Doves, our highest rating.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: Idiot-1
Violence: Someone throws an egg at a team truck; a character hits another one in the back with a baseball; a character throws a baseball and accidentally hits a boy in the head who is taken to the hospital but survives; a character swings a bat at a man; a character pulls a knife but puts it away when a man shows up with a baseball bat; a character throws a snake at a man who throws it back and it nips the other man but he is okay.
Drugs: A few drinking scenes; a few scenes in which a character is offered alcohol.
Nudity: None
Other: A few characters lie; a character substitutes a croquet ball for a baseball; a character encourages another character to lie; a father and son disagree; prayer over meal; a mother tells her son she will pray for him every day; a man shows another man a card game and says some men make some extra money by playing cards (gambling); a character preaches and there is a "fool preaching" comment and a "Mr. Holy Roller" comment; a discussion about being a Christian from the heart and not the head; a man spits; a character faints but is okay.


Company: Unusual Films
Writer: David Burke
Director: Tim Rogers
Producer: Darren Lawson
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 135 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter