Going Broke (Manuscript)



Derrick Crane, 46, is a financial expert who is used to making lots of money but the bad economy begins to affect him, and despite his obsession with material things, he can’t halt the bad streak which puts him out of his job. Soon Derrick falls harder than he ever would have dreamed, to the point of going to a mission to survive. However, is this one of those difficult times in life that will lead to a new path and a destiny Derrick never dreamed of? Derrick learns that there is more to the very people he used to make fun of and that sometimes a person can become the very thing they mocked and yet God always has a purpose for one’s life if that person takes the time to learn what it is.

Dove Review

Derrick Crane, 46, is a wealthy financial expert who begins to experience serious reversals when the economy hits his clients hard. They begin to sell more than buy and Derrick soon finds himself out of work. Derrick is a heavy drinker and hits the bottle even more frequently when he not only loses his job but his marriage to Nichol goes south.

He soon winds up homeless and with the very people he used to ignore and mock. His next stop is at a mission and it is here that, surprisingly to him, his life begins to change for the better. In fact, despite first thinking that reading the Bible is “crazy” he begins to seek God and has an encounter with Christ which radically changes his life. Ultimately he and Nichol cross paths again and she sees a different man. Derrick is soon given another great work opportunity but he learns that his old life is not what he wants any more.

This is a powerful and compelling story and I found the character of Derrick to be fully fleshed out and that he is a complex and interesting character who does an about-face. His character in the end of the story is much different than the one we see in the beginning. We are pleased to award the manuscript our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages 12 and over. Despite several drinking scenes, we see the change in Derrick’s life by his turnaround in the story’s ending. In fact, he wants to, as he says, “put some heaven in this place.” This fantastic script features themes of the downfalls of materialism, the potential for change, and the need to remember that when we see the homeless and down and out, that “there but for the grace of God go I.”

Content Description

Sex: A couple shares a kiss.
Language: H-5; D-2; A-4; BS-1; Butt-1; A profanity that is written as *****
Violence: A couple argues; a character throws a bottle at the TV; a character punches another character and a man repeatedly kicks another man with his steel toed boots; a man walks into traffic and receives some horn blasts but he is not injured or hit.
Drugs: A martini is consumed; bar scenes; a character is described as being tipsy and very drunk in another scene; several other drinking scenes including the drinking of scotch and soon the entire bottle is empty; cheap wine is consumed; empty bottles of booze strewn around a character's house; it's mentioned a game of poker is played for cigarettes and candy and work duty; characters smoke cigarettes; rehab centers are mentioned; a character says he is not a drunk trying to "hide a buzz"; a woman says she will see someone at a bar and "the first round is on me"; talk about getting a drink after work.
Nudity: None
Other: A character lies a few times; a Christian speaker is called "a religious nut" but the same person who makes the comment later turns to God; a character says reading the Bible is "crazy" when he first scans it but he comes back to it and changes his mind; a plan for a character to deal cards in a casino which changes; a character prays and accepts Christ; a man admits to gambling "when I'm weak"; a man's cell phone is stolen; a woman refers to a man who is down and out as "living like a bum"; a marriage on the rocks but couple wants to try again.


Company: Heavenly Place Pictures
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter