Heavens Rain

DVD Release: October 8, 2011
Heavens Rain


Brooks Douglass and his sister, Leslie, grew up in a home filled with love, compassion, and faith. Their father, Richard, was a leader in the Baptist Church. Their mother, Marilyn, was a woman of faith and talent, turning down a scholarship to the renowned Juilliard School to join Richard in the Brazilian mission field.

On their return, Brooks age 16 and Leslie 12, Richard became pastor of a large church in Oklahoma City. On Oct. 15, 1979, Brooks opened the door of their modest family home to what he believed was a man in need. The man, a drugged-up drifter named Glen Ake, was joined by his partner, Steven Hatch. They pulled out guns, tied up the Douglasses, repeatedly assaulted Leslie, shot all four family members, and left them for dead.

Ake and Hatch were caught, tried, and, in 1980, sentenced to death. For the next 16 years, however, the suffering rolled on as a legal system created to protect the rights of the accused dragged the Douglass children time after time to testify in court and relive that night.

In 1995, a second turning point came. On a legislative tour of a state prison, Brooks saw Ake–requested a chance to talk to the man who had destroyed his family. HEAVEN’S RAIN shares the dramatic result of that meeting.

Dove Review

Heaven’s rain is the gripping story surrounding the real-life tragic events that took place in the lives of the Douglass family. After the brutal murder of Brooks Douglass’ parents and rape of his sister, Brooks goes on to become the youngest state senator in Oklahoma history where he passed a series of victims’ rights bills. This story is as compelling as it is hard to watch. The tragic events of the brutal assaults are depicted as realistically as possible and yet as difficult as they may be to watch are essential parts of this moving story. In the end, Brooks is faced with the choice of being forever haunted by his past or choosing to forgive the criminals who perpetrated such a heinous crime against him and his family.

We encourage you to carefully read our content descriptions below so you are aware of the intense content of this film. That said, we are pleased to award this film our “Faith Based” Seal with a caution for its violent content.

Content Description

Sex: A woman is raped (off screen); Husband/wife kiss; woman talks of leaving her husband.
Language: OMG-2; "Friggen"-1; H-1; All uses of Jesus, Christ or God are in reverence.
Violence: Young man and young woman leave house with bloody shirts; boy throws rock at girl; boy chases and punches another; a family is brutally shot with blood in many scenes but most of them are not too graphic; one scene of a woman who has blood dripping from her mouth after being shot - this is graphic; several discussions of a woman being raped (off screen); several photos are shown of a crime scene with blood.
Drugs: Woman admits to taking "stuff" to help her sleep; man admits to using drugs and alcohol during his crimes; a scene with senators drinking and smoking in a bar/restaurant.
Nudity: Cleavage on singer in bar/restaurant.
Other: Man sleeps with loaded gun; the subjects of murder and rape are discussed and/or seen several times.


Company: Heavens Rain Productions LLC
Writer: Brooks Douglass & Paul Brown
Director: Paul Brown
Producer: Brooks Douglass & Paul Brown
Genre: Drama
Industry Rating: R
Reviewer: Scott Rolfe