Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger

DVD Release: August 15, 2011
Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger


After a tragedy in the family business, young Jimmy Valiant seeks independence as an international soldier-for-hire. An anonymous client recruits Jimmy to shadow a controversial Texas State Senator trying to rescue a group of children who have been kidnapped from their Christian parents, Jimmy must overcome his myopia as he initiates an investigation that uncovers some startling truths, and brings him face-to-face with the last man in the world that he ever wanted to meet again. Soon he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy that threatens to undermine everything that he has come to trust.

Dove Review

You will have to be fast to keep up with Jimmy Valiant, a secret agent, who no matter how fast he speeds up, can’t outrun his past, which includes the death of his sister and a falling-out with his father. Jimmy has several run-ins during his investigation of a Texas State Senator, which results in some bloody confrontations, shootings, and death.

This redeeming movie looks at a group of Christian children removed from a small congregation in Fredericksburg and from their parents for allegedly suffering from social withdrawal. The film portrays themes of faith in God and how that our faith is frequently attacked. In addition, it portrays the need for forgiveness when relationships with others have soured. We are pleased to award “Jimmy Valiant” our Dove “Faith-Based” Seal with a caution for violence due to some of the content listed below and commend its focus on forgiveness and redemption. If you want to view a movie which will connect with young people, this is the one!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Fist fights and kicking; a man is punched in the Adam's apple; a couple argues in a car and then get out on the road and a man hits the woman; another man comes along and grabs the man and throws him against a car; several characters are shot; a man's bloody leg is seen; a man is Tasered; a lot of blood is seen on a man's face; an arrow strikes a man in the back which is seen but without blood; a man is hit with a tire iron.
Drugs: A few scenes of characters smoking cigarettes and a cigar; a few drinking scenes; a man's drink is poisoned but he survives.
Nudity: None
Other: It is reported that Christian children were removed from a congregation by the government; some believe the Christians have radical beliefs; the topic of grief and death; a father and son have had a falling out; a man is poisoned and makes himself vomit and it is seen.


Company: Perservero Films
Producer: Nathaniel Darnell and Nathan Barnes
Genre: Action
Runtime: 47 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter