Win By Fall

DVD Release: August 23, 2012
Win By Fall


Scott Reynolds is the state’s best 152 pound wrestler. He is a lock for a state championship and a scholarship to a Big Ten University. Scott is cruising his way through a perfect season, until his best friend Ryan, the team’s 171 pound varsity wrestler, breaks his leg in a meet with their cross town rivals. Coach Winters (three time UFC heavyweight champion and hall of fame member, Dan “The Beast” Severn) moves Scott up to the 171 pound division. Now, two weight classes higher than he’s ever wrestled before, Scott fights for his future. If Scott wants to go to college he needs a scholarship. If he wants a scholarship, he must WIN!

Dove Review

The actors in this film portray high school characters and their attitudes very well. This story is about the desire to win and the pressures these high schoolers face in attempting to make their dreams come true. On top of it, the pressure of earning a scholarship is hammered on young Scott Reynolds.

This story features the sport of wrestling and the pressures Scott Reynolds faces. Added to this realistic story is Scott’s desire to date a certain girl. He goes for his dreams and, without plot spoiling, he overcomes much adversity in reaching for his goals.

This one may not be for everyone so make sure and check out the content ratings below. However, it features an inspirational story of a young wrestler who meets the challenges thrown his way, and it features characters who grow and change. We are happy to award this film our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Angry man kicks chair; a lot of wrestling and judo; a kid injures his leg while wrestling; a kid pushes another one down.
Sex: A comment about making out in a van; several sexual innuendos and comments; teen makes thrusting motion and sexual joke; passionate kissing and petting.
Language: H-5; A-3; S-1; D-1; "Jerk-*ff"-1; "Sucks"-2; "Moron"-2; "Idiot"-1; Slang comment about an erection; Slut-1; Jerk-1; Slang for testicles-1; P-2; doucheb**-2
Violence: Angry man kicks chair; a lot of wrestling and judo; a kid injures his leg while wrestling; a kid pushes another one down.
Drugs: Underage drinking at a party; talk about drinking beer.
Nudity: Shirtless men; girls in bikinis; cleavage; a kid is locked outside locker room and he covers genitals but he is otherwise naked.
Other: A controversial comment about being gay and it being fine is made and there some disagreement over the comment; comment about "always hitting on the black guy"; comments about vomiting.


Company: Be Your Own Hollywood
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 85 min.
Starring: Dan "The Beast" Severn, Rick Dawson, Kirstie Munoz
Reviewer: Edwin L Carpenter