Dreams & Miracles

DVD Release: November 1, 2011
Dreams & Miracles


Five Amazing Stories that will encourage, build faith, and bring hope to those who seek eternal things.

John’s Grandma: John Shaffer is driving a lonely dangerous mountain road as he returns home from work. He falls asleep as he nears a deadly curve only to be awakened by a vision which saves him from certain death.

Jim & Sally: Do our loved ones in heaven still enjoy each other and activities they encountered while on earth? Jim and Sally Johnson loved to dance but now are gone. Twelve days after Jim’s death, his daughter Suzie receives a letter from a friend who shares her amazing dream concerning her parents.

Mt. Whitney Miracle: Three hikers are on their annual venture climbing California’s Mt. Whitney. They experience an amazing vision that saves the lives of two injured climbers paralyzed on top of the mountain.

Penny’s Aquarium: Young Penny Kraft dreams of having her own aquarium. She patiently saves her money as the time passes. When a friend’s home suddenly burns to the ground, Penny gives all to help out and in return receives a gift she can hardly believed.

The Departing of Herb Polsteen: An incredible documented story of 66 year old Herb Polsteen living in a hospice center, dying of cancer. One day he reports to a dear friend that his eight year old son has visited him from Heaven and is coming for him on that following Friday at noon.

Dove Review

This is a DVD everyone should watch! It contains five wonderful stories which will build the faith of viewers everywhere.

In the first story, “The Aquarium”, young Penny wants an aquarium; it’s her heart’s desire. Her parents can’t afford it so she gets a job, working for her neighbor, doing such things as cleaning the attic. The aquarium she wants is going to cost around $100. While getting some ice cream at a local ice cream shop she spots some money on the floor next to her chair. Someone had dropped $100 on the floor! She turns it in and the man who lost it later visits her home and gives her a reward. She turns around and helps a family who lost almost everything in a fire. See what happens from this young girl’s generosity. It will warm your heart.

In the next story, “The Departing of Herb Polsteen”, a man who is dying from cancer and living in a nursing home receives a visit from a caring lady named Grace. Herb is rough around the edges and temperamental but Grace manages to bring out his softer side. Soon he states that his son, Donny, who died years before, has appeared to him and stated he will go home at noon on a certain Friday. Grace determines to join him at that time. As Herb makes sure all is well with God, and apologizes to anyone he may have offended, you will be amazed by what happens at high noon!

The next episode in the DVD is titled “Jim and Sally”. This is yet another miraculous story. Jim and Sally met in High School and fell in love with dancing together, as well as with each other! They are married and together for a long time. You will marvel at what happens when one of them passes on and the other one waits to be reunited. After her last parent’s death, daughter Suzy is overwhelmed when she receives a letter from a friend she hasn’t heard from in a long time. The contents of the letter brings her an amazing peace and the assurance that her parents are dancing together again in Heaven.

Next we have “The John Shaffer Story” and we learn that John as a boy adored his grandmother and he remembers the last time he was with her before she unexpectedly died. Years later he is constantly driving over the road for his company and one night when tragedy lies just ahead, his grandmother helps in an unexpected way. Was it really her, or an angel? Was it a vision? At any rate, this help convinces John he needs to return to church and, after being bitter at God for years the miracle that takes place restores and renews his faith.

Finally, we have “The Miracle of Mt. Whitney” and in this story two friends go mountain climbing at night time, and they spot two lights which capture their attention. Upon investigation they come across an injured man and his son, who desperately need help and left their flashlights behind. After the miracle that takes place and they are rescued, everyone is left to wonder: If the two climbers had left their flashlights behind, just where did the two lights which alerted the other mountain climbers come from?

This is an inspiring DVD which features prayer in Jesus’ name and we believe every viewer will marvel at its content. We are more than pleased to award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this DVD. Get a copy of this and enjoy its faith-building messages with your family!

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: Blood seen on injured man's face; a man is cranky to others; a man hears a growl in the woods and shoots at that direction; a body is carried in a white sheet to a helicopter and it is learned he died by slipping on a mountain.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: Blood seen on injured man's face; a man is cranky to others; a man hears a growl in the woods and shoots at that direction; a body is carried in a white sheet to a helicopter and it is learned he died by slipping on a mountain.
Drugs: A man takes prescription pills; a joke about maybe someone has tampered with a man's water because he is off or "goofy"; a brief scene of a man smoking; a man kisses his cigarette pack.
Nudity: Cleavage.
Other: A family loses everything in a fire; in an inspirational scene prayer is offered in Jesus' name; Heaven is mentioned and the question is brought up as to whether or not loved ones can see us from there; a son appears to a father in, apparently, a vision; it's mentioned a woman died in an accident; death and grief; a man dies from cancer; a man sees his grandmother in a vision and she is wearing the same clothes she was buried in; it's stated a man's wife left him after he was gone working a lot.


Company: Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 70 min.
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter