DVD Release: November 1, 2008


SpiritClips Originals are uplifting and heartwarming short films for audiences of all ages. These stories serve as life-lessons that will lift your spirit and inspire your soul with powerful messages of hope, courage, faith, humanity and personal triumph. This series of original award winning animated and live-action shorts share positive messages and make great family entertainment and discussion topics.

SpiritClips Originals are moving depictions of everyday moments that bring character-lessons to life. It is in the small moments of everyday living that we can experience the profound transformation that inspiration brings. As within the SpiritClips Originals, Red, in which a stranger’s symbolic act of support for a bullied child changes the child’s perspective and self-esteem. Inspiring themes continue with the beautiful animated tale of The Cracked Pot, which shows the value of recognizing your purpose in life, and in The Little Frog, where the power of belief and supportive community leads an underdog to ultimate achievement.

SpiritClips Originals are meaningful and rewarding family experiences. More than quality entertainment, they encourage character building in both children and adults through filmed lessons of encouragement, understanding and acceptance.

Dove Review

Wow! This is one terrific series which will inspire anyone who watches them. “Spirit Clips” will raise your spirits and inspire you to believe in miracles, if you don’t already.

The series features twelve clips, running approximately three to four minutes each. In the first clip, titled “Sally”, a waitress is having a bad day and one particular customer is giving her grief. However, one simple man, a kind customer, makes her day. Without plot spoiling we can say that each clip stands out. The twelve clips include the titles “Sally”, “Hospital Window”, “The Little Frog”, “The Fork”, “Red”, “The Cracked Pot”, “La Cachete”, “The Sign”, “The Price of Miracles”, “The Gift of the Magi”, “Commencement”, and finally “Montgomery”. A few of these are animated, “The Little Frog”, “The Cracked Pot” and “The Price of Miracles”. In “Commencement” we get a woman’s testimony in a documentary fashion, a wonderful story about a battle she faced when her son Daniel was a teen and had cancer, but how the ending was much happier than the beginning.

My personal favorites are “Sally” and “The Fork”, which reveals a miracle to a woman more than forty years after she thought there was no hope regarding someone close to her. These stories just may bring a tear to your eye as they are excellently portrayed in story form and embrace topics everyone can relate to. We are pleased to award five Doves to this series, and that’s as high as we go! This one is inspirational in the truest sense of the word.

Content Description

Sex: A couple shares a quick kiss from a distance.
Language: None
Violence: A comment about a man who was taken prisoner by the Nazis; a boy is bullied; a rude customer at a diner.
Drugs: A few characters had to have chemotherapy.
Nudity: None
Other: A few characters pass away; a woman's mother dies in another clip; inspirational clips about love and sacrifice; a bus in the south many years ago contains segregated seating for blacks but a certain woman bucks the system.