Hawgeye (Novel)

Book Release: February 1, 2011
Hawgeye (Novel)


Twelve-year-old Billy loves to fish. He always treasures the times he can sit by the water and wait for the fish to bite. But Billy longs for someone to fish with. His dad is busy with work, and his few friends don’t share his passion. However, Billy learns there is one person whose love for fishing equals his own–the mysterious W.R.R. Show trophies hang on the supermarket wall and the brightly colored, handmade lures line the cases. Billy wants to be just like him, but he doesn’t even know who W.R.R. is.

When a big fishing tournament is held, Billy is convinced W.R.R. will win. Billy can’t participate in the tournament himself because he doesn’t have a partner, but he’s anxious to watch everyone else, especially if he can see someone catch the great fish he battled earlier. Possibly he can meet the elusive W.R.R. There’s a big surprise in store for Billy and an ending you’ll not soon forget!

Hawgeye tells the story of a young boy’s passion for fishing, but it’s much more. Chris W. Weston’s captivating tale will leave readers reflecting on simple joys, love, and their own family dynamics. A story children, parents, and grandparents will cherish, Hawgeye will bring a tear and a smile.

Dove Review

What a terrific read this book is! It will take you back to the “good old days” of childhood as you learn about young Billy Rufus and his trips to town on his “trusty bike” and the fishing he loved to do. He just wished for his busy dad to fish with him. Unfortunately, Billy’s few friends don’t share his love of fishing.

Chris W. Weston uses great imagination in describing young Billy riding his bike while holding on to his fishing equipment, looking like a medieval knight as he holds the fishing pole in front of him as if it were a jousting stick. Billy enjoyed fishing but would often release the fish because they were too small or he didn’t know how to clean them. The reader will get to know this character very well and the book has good humor too as Billy is complimented on the walleye he catches and decides right then and there that he loves walleyes! Billy has a nice birthday when his mother buys him the lure he wanted and his dad gives him a new, crisp $20 bill but it quickly changes when he loses a big fish and his lure at the same time.

Billy plans to enter a big tournament and he can’t contain his excitement. Billy’s enthusiasm grows even bigger when he learns who his fishing partner is to be, someone who has won several tournaments, and a surprise awaits Billy regarding his lost lure. The goal for Billy is to get Hawgeye, the big one that got away. But Billy gets so much more than that when he discovers there is more to his fishing partner than he could have ever guessed.

This book is a wonderful tale for not only people who enjoy fishing and kids, but for anyone who appreciates a good story with imagination, a reminder of childhood, and a surprise ending. We happily award our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal to this wonderful book. Get a copy soon and place your eyes on the pages of “Hawgeye.” You will be glad you did.

Content Description

Faith: None
Violence: No violence unless you count catching fish.
Sex: None
Language: None
Violence: No violence unless you count catching fish.
Drugs: A man smokes a cigar.
Nudity: None
Other: It's mentioned someone's mother passed away from a sudden illness; a boy is disappointed that his dad works so much and spends little time with him.


Company: Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Genre: Fiction
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter