I Heart Shakey 3D

DVD Release: August 28, 2012
I Heart Shakey 3D


I Heart Shakey is the story of a widower J.T. O’Neil played by Steve Lemme, his ten-year-old daughter played by Rylie Behr and their loyal mutt Shakey. The family moves from Toledo, Ohio to the big city of Chicago, Illinois. When they arrive, they discover that their luxury hi-rise does not accept pets. J.T. must decide what to do, break up the family by giving away their dog, high-tail it back to Toledo and abandon his dream, or figure it all out while keeping the family together. J.T. heads down the wrong path of giving Shakey away initially…but that is when all the fun begins. Although I Heart Shakey is a comedy, at its core it is a story about love, loyalty and family.

Dove Review

This is a film that demonstrates the power of a father’s love for his daughter, Chandler, and family dog, Shakey.

J. T. O’Neil (Steve Lemme) moves with his ten-year-old daughter (played by Rylie Behr) from Toledo to Chicago where he plans to work at his dream job as a chef. However, when they get to their apartment they learn that the tyrannical landlord doesn’t want a dog in the building and she insists that Shakey will have to go. This results in the ensuing adventures as J.T. and Chandler attempt to conceal Shakey in a kennel, the apartment, and even in a box which they carry outside so as to allow him to relieve himself.

This movie includes the positive themes of a father who takes his parental duties seriously and spends time with his daughter doing what he can to ensure her happiness and the safety of Shakey. Due to the content listed below, we are recommending this one for ages twelve plus and suggest that parents watch the movie with their kids and initiate a discussion about family pets and rules which sometimes don’t seem fair. We recommend “I Heart Shakey” especially to pet lovers or anyone who has a rowdy dog in their homes.

Content Description

Sex: A comment given when a pet owner is asked about the "breed" of his dog and he replies to the word "breed" by saying, "No, but he tries to jump up on your leg."; passionate kissing in a few scenes.
Language: G-1; Geez-2; Loser-1; A couple of characters call each other imbecile and moron.
Violence: A man is shoved; a dog bumps a statue and it falls and breaks; a girl initiates a food fight which soon gets out of hand; a boy trips another boy and a girl steps on a boy's toe; a dog and a man are shocked; a man throws a net on kids; pies are thrown in faces; a man who is a bit off sees himself as a great soldier and plans to use a dog as part of his camp and combat plans.
Drugs: Wine seen at table; alcohol is consumed; champagne; man seen holding a cigar.
Nudity: Cleavage; a man pulls his shirt up to reveal his stomach.
Other: A dog drinks from the toilet; a dad makes flatulence noise with his mouth and the daughter lifts up her leg like she is going to pass gas; a landlord won't allow dogs in the building and says that a man with a seeing-eye dog wasn't even allowed to enter to use the phone and the blind might take offense at this; a man admits he lied by giving a kid only fifty cents instead of a dollar when the kid ran an errand for him; another adult deceives people into thinking he is not keeping a dog in his apartment when he is; a man upset with how a woman acts says the woman died and the devil sent her back; in an animated scene a dog urinates on two other dogs; a man lies about sending items to a kennel; no remorse from the adults for deceiving others; a man speeds in his car; a boy and girl go on a trip without telling parents but it is for information and they return right away; a girl starts a food fight at school and soon most of the class is involved and it is out of hand and shows a lack of respect for the rules.


Company: Phase 4 Films
Writer: Kevin Cooper and Eric J. Stolze
Director: Kevin Cooper
Producer: DeAnna Cooper and TaeJung Lee
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 102 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter