DVD Release: October 3, 2011


Bound tells the story of Cheri Harper (Stephanie Motal), a young woman whose life is filled with struggle and bad choices. A set of unforeseen circumstances finds her the reluctant guest of a family who helps her face some very important decisions. Unlikely friends come to the rescue, and with their help she learns the truth and finds the hope that will forever alter her life.

Dove Review

This is a powerful story about the life-changing power of the gospel of Christ. A woman named Cheri Harper has made several bad choices following the death of her mother. She smuggles drugs without even knowing it. Wanted by police in Seattle, she escapes to Texas where a sheriff, after hitting her when she bites him on the leg, takes her to man named Daniel Ryan. Ryan agrees to pay the damages she caused and soon Cheri is looked after by a family although she is initially chained to a bed. What is going on? Stephi Motal as Cheri and Rhonda Washington as Margret turn in terrific performances in this movie.

The viewer will learn the answers to a few mysteries which the plot sets up including whether the intentions of Daniel Ryan are noble or not. This film shows how a powerful conversion can take place simply by being obedient to God’s word. A woman who has known much pain is showered with love including being given clothes, jewelry, a facial and plenty of attention. We are pleased to award our Dove Seal to this movie. We recommend it for ages twelve and over due to some intense scenes including a woman being hit. This movie has the power to inspire!

Content Description

Sex: A man and woman kiss; it's stated a man's mother used to "entertain men" about a woman who is now a Christian was once involved in prostitution; a man grabs a woman and she flees and he yells he just wanted to have a little fun.
Language: None
Violence: A woman bites a sheriff on the leg; a sheriff hits a woman and leaves her with a bruised eye; woman kicks out window in car; a woman falls out of a truck; a woman has duct tape on her mouth; a woman is chased; a woman is bound by a chain and we learn why; a video is seen of a fire; it's stated a woman's father was killed in Iraq and a man's parents were killed in a plane struck by lightning;
Drugs: Some men drink wine at a fire outside; whiskey.
Nudity: None
Other: A woman is angry with God but changes; it is suggested that baptism is needed as part of the salvation experience; scriptures are mentioned in an inspiring scene as part of a Bible study; a woman is chained to a bed and the viewer learns why; a woman learns her mother has passed away and she cries out and experiences grief.


Company: World Video Bible School
Writer: Rudy Cain
Director: Rudy Cain
Producer: World Video Bible School Productions
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 123 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Stephanie Motal, Chad Motal, Al Washington, Rhonda Washington, Ron Trotter, Ferman Carpenter and Jean Carpenter
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter