Undercover with Persecuted Christians

DVD Release: January 12, 2011
Undercover with Persecuted Christians


A ministry leader from the West meets secretly with persecuted Christians who share their stories of suffering and the joy of following Jesus – even when it sometimes places their lives at risk.

This series includes the following programs:
Interview with a Terrorist

Dove Review

What a powerful series! Host George Moeller looks at the persecution of Christians in various places in the world. The first program, “Interview with a Terrorist”, features Maulana, an extreme Islamic Muslim who believes that infidels need to be dealt with, and harshly, even if it means their death. He believes God wants him to kill Christians. Yet an encounter he has with a Christian woman who dies for her faith, and his own encounter with a figure in a vision, radically changes the course of his life.

In the section on India we learn of missionaries being attacked and women losing their husbands as the men were literally beaten to death. Yet, as one man says, they retain their faith in Christ because the Bible had forewarned them of persecution. It is stated in the DVD that more graphic footage was available but they chose not to show it. The final two episodes deal with Iraq and Bangladesh and each share more reports of persecutions and killings. In the one on Iraq it is stated a man had to close his supermarket once it was learned he was a Christian. One woman’s son was tragically killed by a car bomb. Finally, in the episode on Bangladesh we learn that this location is on the eastern side of India and approximately 164 million people live there with 88% of them being Muslim. We learn on New Year’s Eve 2004 that a pastor, Cento Mir, was shot in the mouth and stabbed in his body. We see the scars on his face but he continues to serve Christ.

Due to some of the intense and sophisticated topics these DVDs are approved for ages twelve plus. They are powerful and compelling and will amaze the viewer at how steadfastly these believers stand, refusing to forsake their faith in Christ even during, at times, extreme persecution.

Content Description

Sex: It is stated a young woman was raped.
Language: H (as a location)-2
Violence: Fires; body bags containing corpses are seen but not the bodies themselves; people are hit with clubs but the footage is not gratuitous; gunshots are heard and people are seen using rifles; several stories of family members being killed and bodies burned; man says he was hit in the back with an ax; a man is seen clubbing a cross on a church; we see scars and wounds on the forehead of a man who had been beaten; video of man being dragged; it is stated a young boy died in a car bombing incident.
Drugs: A person is seen holding what looks like a wine bottle.
Nudity: None
Other: A man talks about Western civilization and Christian women wearing skirts and not taking their shoes off as they enter a church; in inspiring scenes Christians speak about keeping their faith despite the persecution and how the Bible forewarned them of persecution; some in India hold to Hitler's ideology and believe there should be one race of people.


Company: Open Doors, USA
Writer: Joe Class
Director: Joe Class
Producer: Pedro Mesa
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 114 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Starring: Narrator: Dr. Carl Moeller
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter