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Launch Out Into the Deep! (Novel)

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Here is a compelling book which features powerful poems and prose and it sprinkles several scriptures into the mix. This book speaks to people who have gone through serious trials, lay-offs from work, discouraging reversals, frustrations and those who struggle with temptations of various kinds. It obviously will touch a lot of readers who pick up this book.

On the other side of the coin, the book speaks of how success can turn a person from God. A poem titled “Is Success A Curse In Your Life?” speaks to this issue. Another poem, “One Million Records Sold” speaks of alcohol and drugs and partying and how that some may claim they know Jesus but their fruit does not testify of this. There is no question about it, a person who reads this book will be exposed to scripture, from both the Old and New Testaments. There are discussion questions too on the text, titled “Are You Ready?” and another set titled “God Has A Plan” and “Let’s Talk About Sex”.

Different forms of temptation are mentioned including sex and one poem, titled “Temptations”, deals with this issue. A poem titled “Summer Madness” speaks of women wearing tight and also little clothing and the temptations young men face. The scriptural stories include the wonderful story of Ruth and Boaz as well as the story of Job and his tests and trials.

This fantastic book should be utilized by Sunday School classes for teens and adults and is a terrific personal read. We are pleased to award it our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for ages twelve plus. It does deal with sexual temptations and is not intended for young children but it is a powerful read for those twelve and above. “Launch Out Into the Deep!” is also available as an audio book.

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Just the talk of wars between countries.


The reader is encouraged to avoid all forms of pornography; a couple struggles with promiscuity and the man encourages the girl that they can use a condom and then go to the altar to repent; a pastor shares that a young woman took her clothes off and tried to persuade him to make love to her while in his office and he threw his coat at her to put on and alerted the secretary to escort her out; it's mentioned that young people are often sexually active; the biblical story of Amnon wanting his sister Tamar to sleep with him.


H (as a place)-2


Just the talk of wars between countries.


Drugs and partying are mentioned as things to be avoided.


It's mentioned a young woman stripped off her clothes to try to seduce a minister; an illustration of a few beautiful girls walking by and a young man staring after them; a girl is mentioned who wore halter tops and short shorts and was flirtatious.


Talk of death and grief; it's mentioned that some have suicidal thoughts.

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