The Proud Rebel

DVD Release: May 8, 2011
The Proud Rebel


After his son, David (Golden Globe® winner David Ladd), goes mute following a tragedy, John Chandler (Alan Ladd, Shane) combs the country in search of a doctor who can help him speak again. But when John must repay a debt to a female farmer (two-time Academy Award® winner Olivia de Havilland, Best Actress, The Heiress, 1949), the Chandlers’ trip is put on hold as they work in the fields alongside their talented and loyal sheep dog, Lance. When John receives news that a doctor may be able to help David, he is happy to find a cure but concerned about financing the trip. Now he must make the difficult decision between treating his son or preserving the friendship between the boy and his dog.

Dove Review

They don’t make many like this one anymore! This film is a sweeping epic, made during a more innocent time but it’s still a realistic film which features characters that not only work hard to save a farm and celebrate values, but also fight for their land when they have to.

The movie features terrific actors including Alan Ladd as John Chandler, who searches the land for a doctor who can help his son David (David Ladd), who has gone mute following a tragedy which he witnessed which featured the death of his mother. Eventually John Chandler winds up in a fight, a fight provoked by a bully, and soon he owes a debt to a woman named Linnette Moore (Olivia de Havilland) who prevents him from going to jail by offering to pay his bail. He works on her farm to repay the debt and Linnette first falls for the boy and then his dad too.

Chandler sells the boy’s dog, Lance, in order to get him the medical treatment he needs which might provide a cure, but the boy is heartbroken at the loss of the dog. The movie reaches a building climax when the man who owns Lance (he won him in a card game) says he will gladly give the dog back but then plans to have his sons shoot Chandler as a dog thief. David runs to his father just as the exciting action hits a major level. We won’t spoil the ending but this one features a bit of everything including the love between a father and son, a budding romance, and the love for a dog and for the land they cherish.

We are pleased to award our Dove Seal to this movie for ages twelve plus although as parents consult the content chart below they may feel comfortable with their kids under twelve viewing the movie. This is a good story which features a loving father and the devotion of a boy to his dog. What’s not to like?

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: A man says other people may want to "damn" him for a decision; some boys call a mute boy a "dummy" several times.
Violence: A fist fight including a man being thrown into a door with a glass window which breaks; a man is hit on the head with a pistol; a story about a home being burned and a boy's mother dying; men stir up sheep; men pull down a lady's fence; men start a barn fire which consumes the barn but the livestock are saved; boys get into a fight; a young boy is angry at his father and strikes at him; men shoot at a man and attempt to kill him in cold blood; a few men are shot and die.
Drugs: A few drinking and saloon scenes; a man drinks moonshine; a man smokes a cigar.
Nudity: A boy is seen in a bath tub, just his chest; shirtless man.
Other: A father lies to his son to spare his feelings but later confesses the truth to him; a card game and gambling.


Company: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Curtiz
Genre: Western
Runtime: 103 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter