Mother, If in Heaven There Are No Apples, I Dont Want to Go There (Book)

Book Release: November 30, 2012
Mother, If in Heaven There Are No Apples, I Dont Want to Go There (Book)


With a glimpse of life on “the other side of the pond,” Christel Decker Bresko shares vignettes, anecdotes, and short stories from her childhood during World War II and afterward as she sets out to explore the world.

Growing up in her native Germany, Ms. Bresko relates hair-raising tales of war as she and her family struggled to stay neutral during the conflict and her father was sent off to fight the war on the Russian front. Often going without many necessities and suffering through the usual childhood illnesses, she nevertheless retained her optimistic outlook for the future and dreamed of the day she would again be able to taste freedom.

After hostilities subsided, she chose nursing as a career and details her education and experiences while living in several other European countries and working in a variety of locations, eventually settling in America with her husband.

Through her fascinating and historical look into the past, readers learn that children are the same the world over–dreaming of the future, and acting on those dreams as soon as they are given the chance.

Dove Review

Christel Decker Bresko writes about her life while growing up during World War II and afterward and she does a terrific job, sharing short stories and funny anecdotes and great insight as well. Her father and mother were in love but endured many hardships including separations due to the war and the mother and kids going hungry at times but they relied on God for his provision. Bresko shares terrific answers to prayer such as when the family was down to nothing but how an envelope was left for the family with enough money in it to purchase the much-needed food.

Christel’s father was once a Nazi but he was converted to Christianity and left the group. She shares stories of what it was like growing up during that time and hearing comments like, “Hail Hitler!” Her mother was a caring, nurturing mother who always looked out for her children and according to Christel her mother and father adored each other and gave the kids the best childhood they could during difficult times. The reader will better understand what it was like growing up during a dark time in Germany after reading this book. And Christel’s sketches of various family members and personalities are a delight to read as are the stories of prayer for healings such as when a young boy is healed of Meningitis after receiving prayer.

We happily award this book our Dove “Family-Approved” Seal for all ages. It might be a bit too sophisticated for young children, but older children should appreciate the book as well. Five Doves from us without question!

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: G/OMG-3
Violence: Due to an accident a girl's hand is almost severed and is quite bloody; war planes are heard overhead and there are sirens and bombings; people are shot at; a plane crashes in the woods; it is said some Jews were picked up by the Gestapo and not seen again.
Drugs: A man cleans his pipe in the book.
Nudity: None
Other: The death of a school friend is mentioned and death and grieving are mentioned in the book; the family goes hungry at times; a girl is corrected for wrong doing by getting a spanking.


Company: Christel Decker Bresko
Genre: Drama
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter