Pirates of the Plain

DVD Release: November 18, 1999
Pirates of the Plain


Nine-year-old Bobby (Seth Adkins), who lives on a Nebraska farm with his mom and grandfather, has an overactive imagination and conjures up all sorts of playmates from cowboys to aliens that all seem so real to him. But then one day fantasy becomes reality when infamous pirate Jezebel Jack (Tim Curry) arrives through a time warp in search of treasure. Now it’s up to Bobby and Captain Jack to protect the family farm from an all-out battle when the captain’s disgruntled crew also finds their way to the fields of Nebraska.

Will they save the farm? Will they find a buried treasure hidden by Wild West outlaws? And will Bobby’s family believe him? Find out in this exciting family adventure also starring Dee Wallace-Stone (E.T.) and Charles Napier (Austin Powers).

Dove Review

Here is one for the imagination! Tim Curry is terrific as the scoundrel pirate Jezebel Jack, who arrives in the present via a time warp and meets young Bobby (Seth Adkins) who becomes a first mate of sorts. They go on a treasure hunt together and soon are pursued by a band of pirates attempting to catch up to Jack. With his father out of his life and his grandpa ill in the hospital, young Bobby manages to have a roaring adventure. How much of it is real and how much is fantasy is anyone’s guess.

We are pleased to award our Dove Seal to this film. Ahoy! See this one soon and watch out for the pirates.

Content Description

Sex: None
Language: Fool-1; H (as a place)-2; boy calls man the devil; Bloody-1; Idiot-1
Violence: Some fantasy violence including a man who is whipped several times but it is not graphic; swords pulled on characters; sword fights and duels; arrows hit a few characters in back without blood; man hit in back by spear; a spear hits man in leg and is pulled out with a little blood seen; a character shoots a laser gun at other characters; a soldier dies by a gunshot; cowboys shoot each other; kid throws mashed potatoes at a character and his mom sends him to his room; grandfather falls during a storm and is injured; it's said a pirate murdered a man; a boy is handed a derringer to protect himself; a pirate doesn't understand what a TV is and shoots it; pirates shoot cannon at house and it is hit; mast is caught on fire on ship; toy is used to stab pirate in leg; sword held to boy's throat but he is not harmed; pirate is pulled off a balcony with a fishing pole; pirates are bowled over; boy's hair grabbed and knife held to his mom.
Drugs: Brandy is mentioned but a character says it isn't good for you; "rum pirates" are mentioned.
Nudity: Shirtless men seen in loin cloths; native seen almost shirtless.
Other: A few characters step in poop; a man is said to be a witch, equal to a chief; a man says the spirits are angry and a storm brews; a boy misses his dad who left he and his mother two years before.


Company: Image Entertainment
Writer: Kenneth M. Badish and John R. Cherry III
Genre: Adventure
Runtime: 93 min.
Industry Rating: PG
Starring: Tim Curry, Dee Wallace Stone, Jeffery Pillars, Charles Napier and Seth Adkins
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter