Civil Love

DVD Release: August 7, 2012
Civil Love


Rachel Taylor lost her Union soldier husband in the Civil War. As the battles rage on she discovers a wounded Confederate soldier, Daniel, in her barn. A battle begins in her heart as she does the Christian thing and nurses him back to health while trying to reconcile this man with the image she had of the southerners who took her husband from her. Daniel is being hunted by a rogue marshal and must stay hidden. Rachel’s brother-in-law, Sheriff Jonathan Taylor, has always had feelings for her. He wants to marry her and take care of her family, but Rachel is resistant to his proposal. When her heart begins to soften toward Daniel, Jonathan doesn’t take too kindly to it. With trouble coming from all sides, Rachel must find the strength to do what’s right, protect her family and find the courage to open her heart again to love.

Dove Review

Every so often you come across a movie you really enjoy. For me, this was it. This film contains everything a good movie needs: a good story, fine acting, direction, and a purpose. The theme of this film is that we are too quick to judge people sometimes and that people can occasionally surprise us.

The story opens with a confederate soldier fleeing from a marshal and another man. He is shot and badly wounded. There are a few bloody scenes due to his wound but thankfully not a lot. The man makes it to a barn and, after removing a bullet from himself, passes out. The word is spread around town that he is an escaped prisoner. A widow is living at the farm the prisoner arrives at, a woman named Rachel and her two children, Joshua and Abigail. She treats the prisoner, bandaging his wound and leaves food for him after first securing him with a rope around his hands. Her compassion is greater than her hatred because her husband Ben was killed by confederates in the war so, although she has a few issues with the prisoner, she also treats his wounds.

When two no good men see Rachel receive some money in town for some dresses she made, they follow her that night to her farm. They break in with rifles aimed at her but the prisoner overhears them and comes in from the barn and helps her overpower them. Rachel can’t help but find herself drawn to the prisoner, and she learns his name is Daniel, after Daniel in the Bible.

Content Description

Sex: A couple kisses a few times.
Language: None
Violence: A man is shot and we see a very bloody wound in a few scenes and his bloody shirt; trackers see trail of blood on ground; man cuts bullet out of himself although the scene is not gratuitous; blood on man's hand; two men intend to shoot a man to keep him silent about a situation but in an exchange of fire one of them is killed and the other man runs off; a man is wounded with a gunshot to the shoulder; a lawman taps some thieves in the head a few times.
Drugs: None
Nudity: Man's stomach and chest is seen as he is treated for a gunshot wound.
Other: Men plot to steal from woman and attempt to do so but are thwarted; grief from man dying in war.


Company: SunWorld Pictures
Writer: Brit Colzeyo
Director: Bryan Carzan
Producer: Bryan Carzan
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 92 min.
Industry Rating: Not Rated
Reviewer: Edwin L. Carpenter